Our clients see value in setting themselves apart.

It's crowded out there. But your organization is unique. From mission to business proposition to how you make money. Our job is to help our clients navigate and use those differences and take advantage of their special terrain. We work with many different kinds of organizations: from startup and high-growth to Fortune 500.  They all have one thing in common: understanding that talent and workforce strategy plays a key role in business performance.  Some of our clients include:



"You took a look at our hardest HR question and developed purposeful strategies for reversing what had been a 6 year trend."
- COO, non-profit

"The defined culture and work rules created by [exaqueo] and our executive team clearly lay out [our culture and plans.} The transformation has been significant and measurable.  We now have the recipe to continue our expansion without losing our relentless focus on customer service."
- CEO, marketing and technology startup

"If you are contemplating services with exaqueo, you can expect a very knowledgeable team and a highly disciplined approach to their work."
- VP, Sales and Operations, high-growth services company


For more detailed information on the work we have done for these clients and others, please see our work and contact us. Because we operate under strict confidentiality agreements with our clients, we only share approved information.  Some clients request we not publicize our work with them at all. We honor those requests.