Human Resources Today

Employees care about who they work for.

An under-appreciated, but important part of growing your business, employer brand is the perception of what it would be like (prospective employees) or is like (current/former employees) to work at your company. Your employer brand has to be a clear, transparent portrayal of what it is like to work for your company and what it takes to be successful. It pulls back the curtain and gives a real glimpse into work-life, driving the right talent to your door.



exaqueo worked with a software development company in a large, Southeastern US city to create an employer brand.  We conducted workforce research to understand why employees chose this start-up over big name, Fortune 1000 companies with higher salaries and bigger brands. We learned what the most successful employees at this start-up had in common and how that aligned with the company's cultural values. Then we created a brand concept, brand creative and a strategy to extend the brand into the local marketplace to compete for the right talent--aligned with the culture.