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Get your culture right and your talent strategy will follow.

exaqueo helps companies create both a culture they want and one that drives growth. It won't be for everyone, and that's fine. You need to define the culture of your business and then create a plan to infuse and manage that culture to keep it alive. That drives a talent strategy to find hires that fit your culture. Sure, great people will self-select out. But that's what you want and we'll tell you why.



We partnered with a start-up based in Las Vegas after their Series A round of funding. We led them through the process to create their core values and what we call work rules--how you hold employees accountable to those values.  We then pulled that through for them into an onboarding guide. This made culture clear and transparent to potential hires and new hires.  Their founder recently sent me an email from one of their latest hires:

"This is a great guide! I have (and you probably have also) worked in somewhat hostile work environments, and I love that you put this together to set positive expectations. After some not so great experiences, company culture is a big factor in my decision making. The people you work with can make or break your job. All companies should follow your lead.  [The Onboarding Guide] is also a great guide! I really appreciate the forethought to make sure I/other employees learn the in's and out's of the business. It can be hard to get clear answers or ask the right questions. The guide is basically a combination of  future questions I had, which will now all be answered in due time."