Human Resources Today

Hiring the best people isn't a strategy.

Start-up and high-growth companies think they want the best talent. But as one founder told us: "I now have 40 of the smartest tech minds. But they all hate each other."  A talent strategy is the single most important factor overlooked by leadership teams when growing.  Instead, leaders and founders opt for the best in skills without ensuring company and culture fit. The reality? Success requires both.



We partnered with an educational start-up recruiting for low-yield but highly competitive roles. We analyzed their entire recruiting stream and reorganized their process to hire more efficiently and for better fit identifying where talent was falling off in the process. We used research to address a difficult employer brand that existed for them in the market. We included tools of the trade in the process: technologies, platforms and systems in human resources and talent acquisition so they could streamline their efforts and measure results.