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My mom’s often mistaken for June Cleaver. Or a track star. In high school I’d come home from practice and find my friends around the table being fed some delicious treat. They didn’t come to see me. Driving around town, she’d often stop the car to pick up someone else’s trash that had blown in the street. Let’s just say my propensity to start baking at 11pm or to clean my house using a patented four-step process comes from this woman who never stops. For a minute. Levitra PillSo it didn’t surprise me when she invented a marketing term.  Let me explain.  Friends of my parents have a son-in-law who’s a doctor and he gave them a few pens. The pen was courtesy of Bayer Pharmaceuticals, maker of Levitra, a competitor to Viagra.  And we all known what those drugs are for, right? They're for the well-known medical issue: E.D.  It’s not just a pen, though, it’s marketing genius.

To see exactly why, you have to think about the product as you watch the video: Levitra Pen.

Turns out, this pen has been around for years. I found video as early as 2006 and commentary since then. So it's been making people talk for five years now.

And after we laughed and laughed (like five-year olds), I remarked to my mom what brilliant word-of-mouth marketing it was (you got the joke, right??). Here was a product we’d normally never talk about (she's really June Cleaver in that sense) and yet there we were talking (giggling) about it.  My mom responded quickly with what she thought was just a comedic gem: “It’s not really word-of-mouth marketing. It’s word-of-motion marketing.”

The thing is, as quick of a retort as my mom has, she’s quick with almost everything she does. And she had a cogent point here.  What gets people talking? Something to watch, movement. Viral content isn’t just about words—something has to move us to watch it. And for us to watch it, something has to move.  Motion means attention. Attention means sharing. And isn't that the point these days? Mom, I think you've just invented a new focus on marketing. It's all about the word-of-motion. Congrats mom. That's your term.