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Have you ever heard that good things come in threes? It’s not just folklore, “the rule of three” is a long-established theme woven into life, thought models and masterful storytelling shared through the ages. Its Latin roots “omne trium perfectum”, meaning “every set of three is perfect” or simply put, “complete.”

On the heels of the Employer Brand Strategies Conference (#EBrandCon) last month, I started thinking about how the rule of three both connects in employer brand and three key themes interwoven throughout the conference.



When Craig Fisher, head of marketing and employer brand at Allegis Global Solutions, kicked-off the conference with his keynote presentation, he reminded us to not lose sight of our most valuable asset – people – “employees are your number one customer.” Everyday they are working within your organization, representing your brand, and setting it apart in unique and differentiating ways. Whether sales, finance, HR, communications, or engineering, they are the “front lines” of the company, and an important part of communicating culture and bringing your employer brand to life.


  1. Inspire employees to share their stories and interests through your online channels

  2. Celebrate accomplishments achieved on the clock and off

  3. Highlight employees and how they impact your business

When you recognize that every employee represents your company and therefore your employer brand, you are embracing talent as your true competitive advantage. Dive in and understand their job satisfaction, interests, and motivations and you will be on your path to unrivaled employer brand positioning.



Emerging technologies is always a lively topic, especially when you consider A.I., virtual reality and their impact on our future. The line between enabling and taking over appears thinner with each new advancement. Today, technology is our invisible colleague, a teammate. It is a non-human resource working to help us accomplish more, work efficiently and connect across borders, time zones and sometimes languages, with ease.

Our invisible coworker enables so much of what we do every day, but ultimately, it is a resource not a replacement for human connections. Our human interactions – the welcoming handshake, the celebratory high-five, the reassuring or thankful hug – are what inspire notable experiences and create impactful impressions.


  1. Be present and plan 1:1 time to check-in with one another  

  2. Create opportunities to volunteer or give back together

  3. Reach across your organization and get to know someone new

There are many spaces where technology prevails, and it’s crucial to how we do business today, but it cannot fully substitute the real value in coming together – whether one on one, as an organization, as a brand or as an industry – wherever we share experiences, engage and tell our stories as humans.



All great marketers know stories capture audience hearts. As in many epic stories, your employer brand unfolds in three parts.


1. your company

2. your people

3. your culture, and what it’s like to work there

Technology enables communication, but it cannot tell your story -- only your employees can.  > Click to tweet! 

If you are not consulting your employees when building your employer brand, you’re missing the point. Don’t stop there. Interact and ask employees for more than feedback. Listen to their stories. Ask to understand why your employees like working there, but also what they enjoy doing outside of work. This is what we at exaqueo call our Whole Self model.

It’s the idea that your personal life doesn’t disappear when you arrive at the office. And likewise, your work world doesn’t disappear when you leave the office. They influence each other and it is the sum of all the parts makes your personal story. Technology can’t see the way an employee’s story ties into the work they are doing. Only a conversation with a human can do that. Find ways to include employees and their stories in your careers website content and social media channels or even train them to become formal brand ambassadors on your networks and theirs.

Storytelling is part of the human existence. Invest in the people within your organization and know them, their interests, their values – inside of work and out. Power your employer brand with the stories of your employees, not just technology, to help attract the best fit talent and retain the talent already working for your brand.


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Julia Zelenock (@JuliaZinTX) is an Employer Brand Strategist at exaqueo, an employer brand experience firm building employer brands and the talent strategies that drive them through research, consulting and creative and digital execution. Contact exaqueo to learn more about our employer brand innovation, workforce research and recruiting strategy offerings.