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Be A Balanced Giver: The Better Way to Network

Businesses are built on relationships. We hire, expand and grow by finding, meeting and engaging with new people. Then why is networking such a burden? Time.

As an entrepreneur, I often struggle with how to make it work. I hate saying “no” to any networking request on the premise I can either help someone or they can help me. And often you don’t know if it’s valuable until you’re well into the call or meeting.

But I still try to be a giver. I respond to every networking request on the “you never know” premise. Until I realized it was getting in the way of growing my business.

Help them or help me? The eternal business struggle. Adam Grant illuminates that struggle in his book Give and Take.  Seems I’m not the only one trying to balance altruism and capitalism. I want to help everyone. But if I don’t continue to grow my business, I can’t help anyone.