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Do millennials fit your company culture?

I am a (older) milliennial. So that means I’m adaptable, enthusiastic, entrepreneurial, a well as lazy, entitled, and a job hopper. I’d say some of those traits ring true to me personally. I also know some Gen Xers and Baby Boomers who have some of these tendencies too. A recent study showed that millennials prefer being physically present in the workplace versus telecommuting. This could also be true for most extroverts (who make up 50-74 percent of the population), regardless of age.

Yes, I’m a millennial because I fit within the age demographic. I am also female, am one of four children (shared the middle), grew up in Buffalo (go Sabres!), and started working at 15 (shout out to my first W-2 provider, Fowler’s). I think those aspects of my life also influenced my work ethic and preferences, in addition to the year I was born. I also hardly think I have similar wants and needs as someone 10 years younger than me (also a millennial).