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Five Ways to Make Performance Reviews Bearable and Valuable


Five Ways to Make Performance Reviews Bearable and Valuable

As we near the end of the year, forget the turkeys and trees. It's performance evaluation time. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, we all crave feedback. It's the rare (and unfortunate) professional who doesn't care how s/he performs. For the most part, we all want to know: "what can we do better?"

Yet, we dread this time of year. Evaluations take time, energy and always seem to sink to the bottom of the to do list until we get those threatening "now or never" emails from HR. So here are five ways to make it worth your while (and theirs!).

1) Start with a S/O matrix
For each employee you have to review, start with a simple strengths and opportunities matrix. Create a four block and with stream of consciousness writing, quickly bullet point that employee's strengths and opportunities with specific examples of each. And if you can't come up with a specific example, don't include the strength or opportunity!  This helps jumpstart start the process and ensures you're evaluating that employee on actual work rather than just past predjudice.



Talent and HR News Roundup: Talent Performance Management Edition

Talent and HR News Roundup: Talent Performance Management EditionThe annual performance review is about as old and tired as Granny. It's time for a change! Or is it? Either way, managing employees -- being able to deliver feedback in some consistent way is the bane of leaders' existence everywhere.

This week we share four perspectives on talent performance management, and ways to rethink some of the challenges you might be facing. Need help? Let us know -- talent performance management is one of our areas of expertise.

In the meantime, take a minute to rethink your perspective on the power of performance:

1) Rethinking the Review at Human Resource Executive Online

"'We came to a fairly quick decision that we would abolish the performance review, which meant we would no longer have a one-time-of-the-year formal written review,' says Morris. 'What's more, we would abolish performance rankings and levels in order to move away from people feeling like they were labeled.'"

2) The Myth of Motivation at The John Maxwell Company's Leadership Wired Blog

"To stir up the innate motivation in others, we must see through their eyes and feel through their emotions. As a leader, your goal isn’t to provide people with the enthusiasm to act, but to discover the desires that naturally animate them. Over the course of an hour-long dinner conversation you can almost always identify what makes another person tick by asking three simple questions."

3) 11 Methods for Dealing With Problem Employees at the Young Entrepreneur Council

"Deal with the whole tree, not just the bad apple. The best piece of advice I ever heard on this was that you should identify the problem employee and observe them for a week. See who they associate with and who they have their "water cooler" talks with. Generally, a bad apple is not isolated but part of a bad group. Deal with the group collectively and address any issues as a whole and don't be afraid to fire a few people at once."

4) Give Your Performance Management System a Review at the Harvard Business Review's HBR Blog Network

"The first step in any difficult change program is to acknowledge that your company has a problem. To help recognize that problem, maybe it's time you gave your performance management its own performance review. There are many ways to do this, including identifying the real business goals of having a performance system, and seeing if these goals are being achieved through employee surveys. You could also collect data about the actual behavioral impact that annual employee conversations have on teams."

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