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Talent and HR News Weekly Roundup: A Primer for the Modern Recruiter - Tips to Rethink your Role


Talent and HR News Weekly Roundup: A Primer for the Modern Recruiter - Tips to Rethink your Role

This week's Talent and HR News Weekly Roundup features a primer for the modern recruiter and includes articles that cover tips to rethink your role as a recruiter. It's easy to fall into a pattern of doing things the way you always have. Face it, today's recruiting challenges are different from yesterday's challenges, and hopefully these tips will highlight some new approaches.

1) 5 Ways To Reinvent Your Recruiting Strategy from

"I’ve seen this happen before: even the very best in-your-face, cult-like workforce culture can’t survive a profits meltdown.  What drew employees to the thriving company – bragging rights, benefits, big salaries and big personalities – will push them away when the shine is off the company, salaries and benefits are frozen, and career advancement is slowed. And forget about trying to fill those empty seats when business picks up – news of a shaky workplace and broken culture travels fast."



HR and Talent News Roundup: Brand Basics Edition

When it comes to "employer brand," most people either don't know the term or completely misunderstand it. Employer brand is not social recruiting or posting jobs online. And it's not slapping the consumer brand on a careers site and calling it a day.  It's what the employment experience is known for, it's reputation.

It's actually just like the consumer brand, but instead of the product or service a company is selling, it's the employment experience. In order to really understand employer brand, you have to start with understanding the concept of brand, so this week we bring you some brand basics. Put your consumer brand hat on first!

1) Everything You Know About Branding Is Wrong from the CMO Network

 "The simple truth is that a brand isn’t a logo, an advertisement, or a poster hung on the wall in a corporate office. It’s a gut feeling about a company, and smart companies know the power of a brand done right. This happens when everything connects through design—from virtual environments like websites to built environments like office spaces—and it all starts with an understanding of why a company matters. Whether designing a company’s headquarters or field office, their website, or developing a new brand strategy, start by asking two key questions: who are you? And: Why do you matter?"

2) Branding Basics for Social Media from The Huffington Post

"In the online world, your brand is shaped by everything you do and say. With an increasing number of social media channels comes a strong need to present a consistent brand.  Your brand should be the same across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, your company blog and everywhere else you communicate online."

3)  The Most Memorable Brand Wins and Fails of 2013 from Mashable

"Oreo kicked off the year with a brilliant, impromptu online ad during the Super Bowl, the success of which inspired countless other real-time marketing campaigns, many of which fell short.  Tech companies like Samsung and Google aired clever commercials to introduce new products to consumers, while BlackBerry struggled to reintroduce itself in a make or break marketing campaign.

4) How To Build Brand Love Via Designed Serendipity from Forbes

"Companies that genuinely love their customers and build emotional connections that transcend transactional relationships are a special breed. Yet, what if we could decode the formula that ties together world-class “experience” companies like Target, Starbucks, and Disney–and characterize their common traits so others can follow their playbooks?"


Susan LaMotte is the founder of exaqueo, a workforce consultancy that helps startups and high-growth companies build their cultures, employer brands and talent strategies. Contact exaqueo to learn more about how we can help you build a workforce that’s aligned with your company culture and develop an employer brand that will allow your business to scale the right way.



The Future of Social Recruiting in a Nutshell

Where's social recruiting really  headed? Bullhorn Reach asked 20 recruiting thought leaders for their thoughts on the future of social recruiting. Here's mine: “Marketers use social media to get instant feedback, engage with customers, and extend a brand in one click. The future of social recruiting is using social channels the same way marketers do. Savvy leaders will use social channels to learn more about their candidate base and turn that data into rich, powerful insights. Sourcers will tap into conversations for evidence of performance and smart recruiters will use that insight to save time by encouraging wrong-fit candidates to self-select out, and right-fit candidates to find their way in quickly. It’s not just the channels — it’s the rich data the channels provide when used in innovative ways.”

Read nineteen more great perspectives here.



Don't Recruit on Social Media

Wait, what? Don't recruit on social media? But I thought you were a social recruiting advocate? Yes, yes I am. I'm also an advocate of advancing the way we think and report out about recruiting in conjunction with advances in the field. Last week the fab @Jason_DFW shared an interesting infographic about recruiters' use (or lack of) of Facebook and Twitter.  Today, CareerXRoads shared their latest source of hire data and, GASP!, for 2011, only 3.5% of those surveyed used social media to make external hires.

The data isn't surprising at all, really. As a field, recruiting/talent acquisition/HR is making some major missteps in the way we think about the affect of social media on recruiting, how it is being used versus how it can and should be used, and what the data actually means.  But first, a few admissions.

First, source of hire is dead.

There's no more accounting for source of hire. There simply isn't. The thing is, recruiters know this. And yet we continue to talk about it as if it hasn't changed at all. We admit that with any given candidate, there are likely a minimum of five sources that a candidate can choose or reference.  Whether it's self administered (the candidate decides, on a survey for example, which source they'll report), or through direct application (the candidate clicks a Jobvite that came through Facebook), there's still no telling which sources played into the decision to apply and which was most influential or important.

Second, recruiters aren't using social media to make hires.

If they're using social at all, they're using it to engage, share, research, locate and influence candidates.  But for some reason they don't see this as recruiting. If they're not using social, it's because they can't see past the immediate process steps for a search they're currently working on.

So what does this mean for social recruiting? As recruiting and talent acquisition leaders, we need to stop only thinking about the transaction and the process. We need to think about the influence points and inputs along the way.

  • What did the candidate think when he read your job description on the job board? Did that make him apply? Maybe. But what made him accept the job? And what were the inputs along the way?
  • Why do thousands of candidates follow company career Facebook pages? Why are they asking questions on those pages and interacting heavily with recruiters and employer brand leaders that engage with them?

Imagine sitting with a bunch of marketers in a conference room. They're talking about their media buy and marketing planning for an upcoming product launch. They don't focus on one source of purchase for the customer. Sure the process of purchase matters--without it, you don't sell and you don't make money. But to drive the purchase, you engage. Personally. And on multiple touchpoints. That's why marketers LOVE social media. They can better understand the customer through engagement, and better connect, build loyalty and target them this way.

And right now, recruiters aren't getting that. They're so focused on process, they only see the role of social in process. And if the new hire doesn't say "I found the job on Facebook" and the recruiter doesn't say "I hired the person through Twitter," they think social is worthless.  I would too. But it's far from it.

So don't recruit on social media. Engage. Recruiting is the process. Branding is engagement. Without both, you're missing the boat. Want to know HOW? That's the next post. Stay tuned.





Get Your Learnin' On

I love speaking at conferences--mostly because it means a free pass. And I get to hear some super fab people and really listen and learn. Take MediaBistro's Career Circus earlier this year.  Before and after my musings, there were stars like Richard Cho from Facebook, Saul Colt from FreshBooks and Laurie Ruettimann, the Cynical Girl. One thing I've been working on (feedback from my Brand Experiment, more on that later) is listening. Not just hearing people, but listening. And conferences are a great place to do that. You're unencumbered by the daily stresses that follow you around your local office and you can think beyond yourself, your role, and your organization.

So here's a deal--three conferences that can help you get your learnin' on with a contest and a few discounts too! I'll be sharing some wisdom at each but check out the rest of the line-ups. They're super. Oh, and let me know if I'll see you there!

October 24, 2011: I'm hosting  ERE's Recruiting Innovation Summit at Facebook HQ with a speaker line-up that includes Zappos and Intuit..

  • If you're attending you'll get a special email, with a private contest. That's all I can say for now.

November 8, 2011: I'm lucky to be pairing up with the fantastic Steve Boese on creating a social recruiting strategy at Brazen Careerist's Social Recruiting Bootcamp webinar.

November 16, 2011: We're talking social media and talent at Social Media Plus in my hometown of Motown Philly.

  • Use the discount code SS15 for a special discount to attend.

Suggest any other great events in the comments...