If You're Authentic, You Have no competition

We're exaqueo (ex ‘ACK we-o), a market research, workplace consulting and employer brand agency. 

We help companies better compete for and retain talent by building honest, authentic employer brands and powerful talent attraction and retention programs. We teach clients how to build strategies first and then execute through internal and external campaigns, creative, communication and technology.

Our custom approach means everything is unique to your organization. And our rigorous research process ensures you have real data to understand your specific employee and candidate preferences and needs.

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candidates make job decisions based on the employment experience they think they'll have.

So It's important to understand and be honest about youRS.

Create the right workplace culture to make your business perform better and align your business with that culture.

Develop and strengthen your employer brand to make the employment experience clear. Then, deliver on that promise.

Attract and retain talent who best fit your culture and excel in the reality of the employment experience you offer.

Data Drives Decisions

Why do we jump to execution when it comes to talking about workplace culture and employer brand? You've got to start with strategy first.  At exaqueo, we collect real, unbiased data for our clients to build and strengthen culturesemployer brands and talent strategies. Our research, data and creative solutions help organizations all over the world better understand and reach their employees and target recruiting markets. 

We use a unique combination of qualitative and quantitative data including our proprietary Whole Self and Source of Brand models. Employees bring their whole selves to work. So it's important to understand who they are, why they work and what motivates them. We use tested academic research practices to drive every recommendation we make and steer every process and practice we implement.