Cultivating a Culture of Feedback

  It’s that time of year where you reflect on what worked and what didn’t in the previous year, and you begin to think about what’s ahead of you in this next year. This is the perfect time for feedback, formally or informally. Or is it? Is there a reason we look at a new year as a clean slate? I do it too. I indulge from Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day and then decide January 1 will be the ...

Employee Engagement: Can Data Save Your Organization?

As the economy continued to tank in 2011 and 2012, employee engagement dropped with it. Down economies often impact organizational loyalty in a negative way and Mercer’s 2012 report confirms that. According to the report, 24% of organizations are reporting lowered engagement up from 13% just two years ago. And while organizations continue to invest in employee engagement, or some form of loyalty strengthening activities, popular HR analysts and bloggers are challenging the notion of engagement score value. Companies do care about employee feedback: 96% of Fortune 100 companies and 65% of mid-sized companies use some sort of employee survey. But is fighting for increased engagement scores a good use of executive time and attention? And are increased scores really that valuable to your business?

Stop Looking Up

Companies worry about many things–including the lack of leaders and leadership skills. ‘Bring on the leadership development training’ they cry! Or so said this Wall Street Journal article from 2012. But it’s not that the talent isn’t there. Or that the talent is there but needs help bridging the gap. From where I sit, the problem seems to be sky-high. 

Quitting Is Good For Your Brand


I can say no to camping, spicy food and bug retrieval.  But yet I can’t seem to say no to work. And when I take on something else, the only thing left to cut seems to be sleep.  With toothpicks propping open my eyes today after a paltry 5 hours of sleep last night, I’m reminded that quitting can be a good thing.