Talent and HR News Weekly Roundup: Best Reads for Recruiters

There’s a whole lot of content out there for recruiters. Some good, some not so good. If you’re looking for some of the best reads for recruiters, we’ve sifted through recent content that’s out there and highlighted some of our favorites below. And please share anything you have come across in recent months in the comments below. 1) Recruiting: Darwinism or Creationism? from Recruiting Blogs “Baby I Was Born This Way: Uh, no you weren’t. You were in a really ...

Big Data Employee Style: The 4 Kinds of Workforce Data You Really Need

In my experience, HR is usually a year and a half behind the curve for many business trends. From TQM in the 1980′s, balanced scorecard in the 1990′s — we’re usually behind the curve. When I was in HR for a F500 company in 2007 and first started talking about using social media in HR, people thought I was nuts. It took a two years to bring it to life. Enter Big Data. Sure, HR prognosticators like John Sumser get it. He’s ...

Dissecting the Tribe

Judging by the retweets, comments and direct messages, my post A Member of the Tribe–over at HRExaminer–resonated with folks. Seems we care about culture but we don’t know how to define it, grasp it, understand it.  Several you wondered about the job seeker role in this. If companies are bad at defining and communicating their own culture, can job seekers figure it out on their own?

Why Start-Ups Matter to HR

Last week, my colleague Rajiv wrote about why start-ups need to care about HR.  Newsflash–that sentiment goes both ways. HR needs to care about entrepreneurs too. If you’re in HR, you’ve heard of SHRM–the Society for Human Resource Management. You might even be a member. While I’m certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), I’ve let my long-time SHRM membership lapse even though my home office is only a few blocks from SHRM. Here’s why–I’m an entrepreneur.

Why You Should Care About Candidate Experience

We’re marketers. That’s what we are. Talent acquisition is about promoting opportunities. Driving brand loyalty. Evaluating customer sentiment. Participating in the conversation about our brand. Whether you like it or not, if your game is talent, your playing field is strangely similar to a marketer’s. And that because it’s all about the experience.

QUIPS #3: What Your Employer Brand is Desperately Missing

QUIPS = QUIck Problem Solving*. Quick ways to begin to address and solve common talent challenges when resources to tackle the challenge holistically or over time aren’t an option. Here is QUIPS #3: What Your Employer Brand is Desperately Missing. You know your organization. You know the politics, the business, the industry, the challenges. And you know the people. At least you think you do. Especially if you work in HR. But you don’t. You may have a pulse on their happiness ...

The University of Sumser


Class is in session at the University of Sumser where the Dean is opposed to idea that there is a quick fix to everything. If you’ve taken a class here before, you know that staunch opinion and firm beliefs always make an appearance. But there’s always an interesting discussion in the works. 

10 Tips for a True Expert’s Personal Brand

This blog post is co-written with the super-smart Pete Radloff, recruiter, talent leader and all-around nice guy. The internet. For all its beauty and brawn, it’s like candy to a kid.  There’s always room for more. Unless you’re managing a personal brand, meaning, you’re calling yourself an expert and purport to be the “industry’s leading…” or the “foremost expert on….” The field in which we work, human resources, has it’s share of experts—from recruiting to Gen Y to organizational design.  But ...