Tips For Job Seekers: What Recruiters Don’t Want You To Know

As a talent strategy consultant and career coach, I tell clients all the time: “I get the other side of the equation.” ┬áCompanies like that I am coaching job seekers, and job seekers like that I consult with talent acquisition teams at companies. Having a foot in both worlds means I don’t forget what it’s like on both sides of the aisle. It’s like recruiting bipartisanship. But every once in awhile, I take sides. And job seekers, this is for ...

Why Job Seekers Need to Know About Employer Brand

I guestblogged on over at Blogging4Jobs and wanted to share the post with you. So much of the time we talk about employer brand and what’s important to the HR professional. But what about the job seeker? Should they care? And if so, what should they seek to know? Check out the post.