You’re Not As Good of A Manager As You Think

Ask any leader if they think they’re good at managing people. Most will respond “yes” or “I try to be” or “I think so.” No one ever flat-out says no. It could be we’re too afraid to admit what we don’t know. More likely it’s that we really never learned. Unlike the skills it takes to ship code, create a sales plan, or do a financial valuation, people management isn’t a specific, teachable skill. You can shadow a young developer ...

#DearCongress Lessons


Twitter is exploding with the hashtag #DearCongress, partly fueled by @WashingtonPost, by Obama’s speech on Monday and his suggestion to contact Congress and by general American outrage.   I rarely talk about politics publicly (I think it’s a personal topic), but this isn’t about the politics. We hired our leaders to do a job and they’re not performing. So what can we learn for our own jobs?