Where Business Meets Behavior

Earlier in my career, I tried to explain my fascination with work to people. I started working at 14 and had more jobs by 22 than most people have their entire lives. I blame my parents, partly.  They made the mistake of teaching me the value of hard work. What I started to understand–as I moved from lifeguard to customer service representative to telemarketer–that the success of the work we do is based on how we behave and interact with ...

Why Employer Brands Need Personal Brands

When companies think employer brand, they’re thinking big picture. They start by trying to get a sense of their reputation in the marketplace. What do job seekers think about their employment opportunities and the employment experience? Most employers look for a story to create (and hint, it’s usually the one they want to tell.) But Oscar Wilde once said “society exists only as a mental concept; in the real world there are only individuals.”  He’s right. That’s the real employer ...

Brand: Andy Goldman


Brand: YOU. What do you stand for? What makes you, you? Starting this week, I’ll be posing that question to great professional brands, like HBO’s Andy Goldman.  It only took minutes for Andy to capture the attention of a recent MediaBistro crowd, his brand clear, his intentions pure.  Let’s talk personal brands (and TV) with Andy.