Job Search Advice You Can’t Miss From Twitter + NPR

It’s that time of the year–THE busiest time for job searching. If you’re a job seeker, this is your Super Bowl, your Miss America, your World Cup. And just in time for your big, mecca moment, NPR and Twitter have pulled together a team of experts (including me!) to help you with your search.

The Future of Social Recruiting in a Nutshell

Where’s social recruiting really  headed? Bullhorn Reach asked 20 recruiting thought leaders for their thoughts on the future of social recruiting. Here’s mine: “Marketers use social media to get instant feedback, engage with customers, and extend a brand in one click. The future of social recruiting is using social channels the same way marketers do. Savvy leaders will use social channels to learn more about their candidate base and turn that data into rich, powerful insights. Sourcers will tap into conversations for evidence of performance and ...

Catch Susan on Drive Thru HR

Don’t Recruit on Social Media

Wait, what? Don’t recruit on social media? But I thought you were a social recruiting advocate? Yes, yes I am. I’m also an advocate of advancing the way we think and report out about recruiting in conjunction with advances in the field. Last week the fab @Jason_DFW shared an interesting infographic about recruiters’ use (or lack of) of Facebook and Twitter.  Today, CareerXRoads shared their latest source of hire data and, GASP!, for 2011, only 3.5% of those surveyed used ...

Get Your Learnin’ On

I love speaking at conferences–mostly because it means a free pass. And I get to hear some super fab people and really listen and learn. Take MediaBistro’s Career Circus earlier this year.  Before and after my musings, there were stars like Richard Cho from Facebook, Saul Colt from FreshBooks and Laurie Ruettimann, the Cynical Girl.

Consider Paella

Catalan Paella

Really, it’s a great dish. Tomatoes, seafood, flavorful rice.  What’s not to love? Okay, maybe the ridiculous cost of saffron (it takes something like a million flower blossoms to make one saffron thread), but other than that, it’s fantastic. I finally learned how to cook paella with my friend Rakhi in a Culinaerie cooking class last weekend. It was a Catalan cuisine class with dishes from that famed region of Spain. And famed it is.

The Brand Experiment


Social media means that for the first time, consumers can be so honest and open. They can tell you when you suck and that can spread everywhere.  Their CEOs hate it, but in actuality, it’s gold.  Marketers truly know how their products and brand are perceived and the can re-market and re-brand if needed. And that got me thinking. About me.

Talent Strategies For Post-Recession: Prepare to Connect

Attention companies: this post’s for you. In September, The Conference Board predicted that salary increases for 2010 would only be 3% (lowest in 25 years). In Canada, increases are projected to be only 2.8%. Unemployment hit an all-time high in October. But manufacturers and retailers are predicting turnarounds in 2010, and that means jobs won’t be far behind. What does that mean for talent? It means it’s time to strategize and time to connect. It’s not just social networking, it’s ...