Talent and HR News Roundup: Recruiting and Hiring Edition

As the summer begins to wind down, recruiters prepare for the busiest month of the year: September. It’s when companies tend to hire the most and you’d better be prepared. If you’re a startup or high-growth company you’ll be competing against the big corporate guns with the money to spend on recruiting and hiring — and a bench of recruiters ready to pounce. This week’s roundup will give you a leg-up with tips and tricks to get your startup recruiting-and-hiring ...

Job Search Advice You Can’t Miss From Twitter + NPR

It’s that time of the year–THE busiest time for job searching. If you’re a job seeker, this is your Super Bowl, your Miss America, your World Cup. And just in time for your big, mecca moment, NPR and Twitter have pulled together a team of experts (including me!) to help you with your search.

Don’t Recruit on Social Media

Wait, what? Don’t recruit on social media? But I thought you were a social recruiting advocate? Yes, yes I am. I’m also an advocate of advancing the way we think and report out about recruiting in conjunction with advances in the field. Last week the fab @Jason_DFW shared an interesting infographic about recruiters’ use (or lack of) of Facebook and Twitter.  Today, CareerXRoads shared their latest source of hire data and, GASP!, for 2011, only 3.5% of those surveyed used ...

Looking the Part

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I once went to get my haircut at an Aveda salon, because my usual girl was booked solid.  Aveda products are some of my favorites so I figured I could rely on the brand.  But when I got there, the Aveda hairdresser looked like she just rolled out bed. Her hair was a complete disaster and she was chomping away on her gum.