Why We’re Joining The Work Revolution

I remember when I told my father I wasn’t interested in becoming a corporate vice president. He was taken aback–climbing the corporate ladder and succeeding was one of his biggest successes. And it was big–for him. Success was measured in responsibility, power and titles. And there is nothing wrong with that. Plenty of workers still find value in hitting those milestones and rightly so. But change is afoot. It’s not that we no longer value these things, it’s that we ...

There’s a Better Way to Quit Your Job

Another day, another viral video of a frustrated, tired employee quitting a job in a dramatic fashion.  First there was the chute-sliding JetBlue flight attendant and then the brash marching band incident followed by the forthright op-ed from the ex-Goldman Sachs employee. And now there’s the dancing video producer who’s simply had enough. In her case she claimed the work environment in Taiwan wasn’t bearable. So why not just move on? Or better yet, look for work opportunities in countries where employment laws and work environments generally tend ...

Forget Work-Life Balance. I Mean It.


I’m pretty sick of the work-life balance argument. It’s not one or the other. Or sublime balance all the time. It’s flexibility how and when you want it, understanding that working less may mean earning less. But it’s your choice. Read my latest Forbes post “Forget Work-Life Balance: Give Us Choices Instead.”  I’d also love if you added your comments here and/or on the Forbes site–this is such an important topic for women and men.

I’m Out Of The Office

Dear Sender, Thanks for your email. I am out of the office until January 3. That’s right. I work so hard and am so important to this company that I haven’t taken any vacation this year. So now it’s December 22 and I have four weeks to use. Since I work 24/7,  taking the next 13 days is like taking four weeks.