Best Gifts For the Work From Home Set

We are the comfortable. The focused. The dog-quieting, hope-the-doorbell-doesn't-ring-again, work from home tribe. Some may wonder what we do all day but bosses in the know understand we're the most productive, most engaged, and most committed employees. In a 2019 survey, FlexJobs reported that 74% of respondents called remote working the "new normal" and remote work has grown over 155% in the past 12 years. And while many managers and executives are still clinging to dated beliefs that you have to be in an office to perform, at exaqueo we know better. Much better.

At exaqueo, our team is 100% remote and 150% productive (just ask our clients). So when a friend of ours asked for gift suggestions for a work-from-home family member, our team was quick to respond. #teamexaqueo has put together our Oprah-inspired list for the holidays in the event you have a remote worker on your gift list. At the very least, will someone please send this post to our spouses and families?


Remote workers are often the most productive members of their teams, so it's no surprise we'll put functional gifts first. We have freedom to set up our home offices in any way we want to get the job done. Here are some of the basics we need to get the job done:

1) Stand up desks—built-in or portable—are key to function and to health. Shannon uses the Stand Steady desk in her daily work.

2) Your own home office can mean extra wall space and no rules on how to decorate. Wall calendars are a favorite of the team for a full-size visual of what needs to get done at work and at home. Erin loves this one from Lindsay Letters.

3) This holiday, Paige is excited about the extra screens she'll have at all times. Her gift list includes a portable laptop screen attachment like this one that you'd think only an accountant could love. But the rest of us are pretty excited about it too.


Technology has been the driver for why it's possible we can even work remotely. And remote workers use it the the fullest. Here are some of our go-to technology must-haves. Laptop and phone assumed of course.

1) Depending on the layout of your office or, for those business trips with poorly designed hotel rooms, extra long charging cords like these are Emily's secret.

2) Ear buds are also a team essential. exaqueo is a Mac-based team so many of use the classic Airpods to connect to calls or our Sococo work space when we're on the road.

3) Susan loves her Ring doorbell while Lexi uses the one from Nest. It's an easy way to know who's at the door if it rings while you're on a conference call (or if there's a neighbor you're trying to avoid).


One of the best perks of working from home is the ability to be comfortable. Athleisure is our work uniform (unless we're on video calls) and we sport it proudly. Make your favorite remote worker even more comfortable with these suggestions.

1) Warm feet are important especially for our colleagues based in colder climates. Jackie and Shannon rave about the LLBean Wicked Good Slippers and Lexi swears by her Uggs.

2) Susan's got a Peloton in her office (don't worry, her husband didn't buy it for her) so she really likes Athleta's line of clothes to be able to hop right on the bike from her desk after work, or to easily go from work to school pickup.

3) Fresh air can be a luxury for any office, but Alyssa swears by the addition of plants to hers. Gifts like those from Succulent Studio can help your gift recipient get some beauty and fresh air in the office.


Working from home means multiple trips to the kitchen to fuel up. Bonus points: you can heat up whatever you want in the microwave and no one complains about the smell (except maybe the dog).

1) Coffee fuels #teamexaqueo (except Lexi and Sara, our resident tea drinkers!). Sara recommends JING Tea for the nicest teapots and the best range of teas. Shannon and Roger are big fans of their Nespresso machinesSusan loves her Miroco milk frother. Getting out of the home office can be important too, so Jennifer and Adrienne love patronizing local businesses like Brown Fox Coffee, here in South Carolina.

2) Keeping your hot beverages warm is also important since remote workers are so productive, they don't get up from their desks for hours at a time. Erin loves this temperature controlled smart mug from Ember.  

3) Just because you work from home doesn't mean you have time for lunch. More often than not you can't leave the house! Gift cards for UberEatsDoorDash, or GrubHub are favorites of Emily and Jackie. Just be sure they deliver in the recipient's location.

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