Responding to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Workforce Crisis Response Resources

Responding to a crisis like Coronavirus shouldn't be uncharted territory for HR, employer brand, and talent acquisition leaders. With the right understanding, information, and strategy, organizations can stay one step ahead now while also planning for the long-term impacts. Take the time to learn how you can respond.

Recruiting, Employer Brand, and Employee Communications, During COVID-19

A crisis is a game of probability and consequence. And while the probability of a viral pandemic isn't as high as you might think, the consequences are tremendous as we're experiencing now. It's essential to understand the impact to your team, your stakeholders, and yourself. You can't control a crisis, but you can control how you respond. The choices you make now about how to manage your candidates, your pipeline, and your employer brand can make or break both your talent strategy and your career.

"How companies respond is going to define their brand for decades. Not only is it smart to take care of your employees, but it’s also good business."
- Mark Cuban, billionaire entrepreneur

Take this time as an opportunity to take action. Don't wait to be told what to do. Look to your key stakeholders—from new work from home employees to hiring managers to candidates in limbo—to understand, assess, and act on their needs. Whether you're on a hiring freeze or a hiring binge, you can leverage communications and your employer brand to demonstrate your care, consideration, and commitment.

  • We are taking your confidential questions 1:1 via our Crisis Response Inbox.
  • Watch a video message from Susan LaMotte, exaqueo CEO + Founder, on how we work with meaning during COVID-19.
  • How are Employer Brand leaders responding during this time? Access the results from our latest COVID-19 survey of 80+ employer brand professionals.

Crisis Considerations for HR

While our organizations are consumed with mass communication responses, effects on products, sales, stores, or other immediate impacts, the effects on hiring and talent are often de-prioritized. But that doesn't mean you can't consider the impacts and plan your own actions and response.

  • Clear policies: working from home isn't new to us; we're a 100% virtual firm. Effective and clear policies and communication are essential to manage a remote and productive workforce.
  • Response speed: candidates are more hesitant to make a career move in turbulent times. If you're first to communicate with them during this time, keep them warm and engaged, and demonstrate you're making an effort, you'll gain a competitive edge. If you don't take action, your competitors will.
  • Spread the message: use your employer brand to amplify organizational messages and actions. It's crucial to ensure the measures your company takes for customers and employees are also communicated to candidates.
  • The risky allure of 'business as usual': ignoring the situation or waiting to see if it will affect your candidates or your employer brand can lead to others filling the gaps you leave. Candidates will share stories of silence or promises unmet; silence isn't always golden. You have an opportunity to show authenticity and transparency—take it.
  • Organizational alignment: whatever you do, ensure your employer brand messaging aligns with what the organization is saying. Having marketing and communications on your side is important. They'll be happy you're considering your own audiences and customers since they may not have the time or headspace to support your function and respect and appreciate you more for driving alignment.

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Need a primer on what to do and how to plan?

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Need to understand candidate and employee sentiment during this time?

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Need to mobilize virtual recruiting options ASAP?

We have engaged our virtual event platform partner Brazen, to offer pricing flexibility and priority support for organizations looking for virtual recruiting and hiring event support. This platform is a completely self-contained and branded experience that integrates seamlessly into your careers site. It allows for multiple communication modes: video, private chat, and group chat and has an easy to use admin console and content management system.

Potential uses include:

  • Moving your hiring events online
  • Connecting with candidates to provide updates and answer questions
  • Staying in touch or connecting with furloughed employees
  • Career fairs or re-hiring events
  • Intern update or Q&A sessions
  • Virtual onboarding or orientation

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