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The LIST: What’s Inspiring Us Right Now

The LIST: What’s Inspiring Us Right Now. Feb 5, 2020. News Roundup. Here at. exaqueo. , we are always looking for ways to be inspired. In the second edition of. the LIST. , we’ve pulled together a list of what we’re reading (or listening to

The LIST: What We’ve Been Sharing Lately

The LIST: What We’ve Been Sharing Lately. Oct 14, 2019. News Roundup. Here at exaqueo, we talk a lot about authenticity. But it's not just talk. We live and breathe it each day. To give you an unfiltered look into our inner-office emails, we’ve

Cross Post HRExaminer: Lists, Naughty or Nice?

Cross Post HRExaminer: Lists, Naughty or Nice? Nov 16, 2011. People love a good list. In HR, we’re obsessed with them. I prefer the kind of list I can check off. But everyone wants to be on top of a good list. But how do we actually use them?I didn't

Fork in the Recognition Road: Should You Apply For 'Great Place to Work' Awards?

recognition. If a national list isn’t for you yet, start with a local list for local impact. There are many well-respected local “Top Workplaces” lists, including those at Chicago Tribune, The San Diego Union-Tribune, The Baltimore Sun, and many more based


EMPLOYER BRAND TO ZOMBIES: 15 BOOKS TO ADD TO YOUR READING LIST. Sep 29, 2017. Employer Branding. October is National Book Month and to celebrate #teamexaqueo gathered a collection of books that inspire us, motivate us or are at the top of our “must

Being Named a #1 Best Place to Work: What Happens Next

’ rise to consecutive No. 1 ranks on the Fortune “Best Companies to Work For” list and led the efforts from 2009-2015. This year, SAS ranked #8 on the list. A lot of companies enter in the Great Place to Work list assessment. Everybody wants to be

Talent and HR News Weekly Roundup: Lists

Talent and HR News Weekly Roundup: Lists. Feb 12, 2016. This week there were a bunch of "lists" online that related to the HR world, so we thought we would compile and post it up here on our blog. Happy reading! 1). Top 75+ HR Blogs to Follow in 2016

5 Books To Inspire and Shape Your Thinking #WorldBookDay

the World Book Day holiday, here is our 2021 list of book recommendations. Burnout. by Emily Nagoski and Amelia Nagoski, Ballantine Books, 2020. Since we bring our whole selves to work, if we’re burnout, we can’t be good colleagues or partners at work

You Don't Have to Be Google to Be a 'Best Place to Work'

candidates form their opinions. Lists like the Fortune one are a great start for companies dipping their toes in PR. I worked for a small startup consulting firm a few years ago, and we applied for a regional Best Places to Work list, and we made it

Employers Still Struggling to Communicate Effectively to Candidates During COVID-19

unemployment numbers and dealing with. business that is far from usual. , we revisited the careers websites from our original list of 50 U.S. employers. Focusing on the employers whose careers websites originally had no messages, we re-assessed to see

Best Gifts For the At-Home Worker

gift suggestions for a work-from-home family member, our team was quick to respond. #teamexaqueo has put together a list of our work from home essentials, to help with holiday gift ideas for your remote-working loved ones. Function. Remote workers are

#PlanForVacation: 43 Percent of American Workers Don’t Vacation Because They Fear THIS

holiday and forced out of the office. But whether you are American or not, vacations don’t always fall top of the list when starting a new year. Why is that? In the. 2017 State of American Vacation report. , researchers identify the top reasons

HR and Talent Weekly Roundup: Jumpstart Your Culture

attention to the pieces we've found this week to help jumpstart that process. Remember, culture isn't just a list of values on a wall. I heard from one company on this very snowy day with safety as a core value. Leadership never bothered to communicate

exaqueo’s “How to” Series: How to Capture Employee Photos Through a More Strategic Lens

employees and not models or stock images. Next, begin checking these off your to do list: Select employees, and ensure managers and HR approve. Have employees sign the photo/model release form given to you by Legal. Pick your office locations and scout

Four Ways to Stop Pretending You Know Your Workforce

Four Ways to Stop Pretending You Know Your Workforce. Sep 22, 2014. Most leaders think they know their employees. When CEOs, CHROs and executives describe their company's culture they usually launch into a laundry list of descriptors: innovative

Build a Real Employer Brand, Charlie Brown Style

Build a Real Employer Brand, Charlie Brown Style. Dec 7, 2015. Your mind might be on buying holiday gifts, but your to do list says "build a better employer brand." With unemployment in the U.S. staying steady at 5%. , the issue isn't just finding

Startup Employees Rocking the Holiday Season

are. Since I’m in the business of startups, it’s only fitting I patronize them too. And in checking off my own gift list this year, I decided to put a few service startups to the test. How would they fare when I ordered their goods, asked questions, and

8 Employer Brand Lessons Learned While Working with Agency Partners

can provide in-depth, rigorous experience when you don’t have it in-house. Depending upon an organization’s goals, there is a whole list of reasons why you might take this step. Perhaps there is a need for unbiased workforce research due to merger and

Startup Culture: Q&A with SocialRadar's Michael Chasen

reminding clients that it takes more than a list of values to create a culture. The values have to become part of the everyday of your organization. And that means you have to hold employees accountable for them. At. exaqueo. , we call them. work

Talent and HR News Weekly Roundup: Why HR is Important to Your Business

list. Yet it's a necessary function to keep a business running because no matter what, there are people involved in a business. And not only is it necessary, it's important. Below are some thoughtful pieces around why HR is important to your business

The HR Newbie's Cheat Sheet

some of the ones to investigate. Membership can be pricey but your company may cover it, especially given the research and learning offerings that associations now provide. Wikipedia has. a good, basic list. of associations to join in HR including the

Thursday Lunch Break: Travel and Relax

now. Dig into your savings and plan a trip. Not sure where to start? Don't want another beach or ski vacation? Try this. amazing list of travel specialists. from. Wendy Perrin. at Conde Nast. Or, just have a technology-free day or weekend with

We're Proud to Be Social About HR

HR to listen. Entrepreneurs, founders, startup leadership teams, operations leaders: I'm talking to you.Care about the role people play in your business? Go. follow this great list of folks. Share: Susan LaMotte (. @SusanLaMotte). is the founder and

The Best HR Resource You Might Be Ignoring: Meet Recruiting Animal

) to make sure we're backing up what we say we know. Who cares if you're on a list? Animal is going to challenge you, push you, debate you and Devil's advocate the heck out of you so you're forced to make your case and stand your ground. This, people