Denise Feldman

Gaithersburg, MD, USA
Denise is an on-demand consultant for exaqueo with a 20+ year career spanning internal/HR communications and employee engagement campaigns, to employer brand strategy and content marketing for Marriott International. As a consultant, she lends her expertise in employer brand content development and production.
Get to Know Denise

Like many employer brand and content marketing strategists, my career journey and landing in the employer brand world was a zig-zagged path. A career start working in a small, woman-owned ad agency taught me the value of a flexible workplace, and to appreciate the autonomy of determining how the work gets done and by whom. With only three employees, we all wore many hats–from strategist to copywriter to client service. It was my first lesson in being part of a team and I welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues on client work from beginning to end. 

Jump forward to landing a role with Marriott International–years before anyone spoke ‘employer brand’. Even back then employers like Marriott were beginning to recognize that employees simply do not leave their personal lives at the door when they come to work–that a culture that supports bringing my ‘whole self’ to work, where I feel valued for my contributions to the organization and the work that I do, and supported for who I am, in and outside of work, sets up a relational experience between employer and employee that leads to engagement and success on all fronts. Helping build Marriott’s employer brand ‘center of expertise’ (COE), conducting employee research, and developing employer brand strategy, campaign development, and activation, helped guide me in imagining and producing the stories that helped bring Marriott’s employer brand to life.

Now more than 20-years later my focus is on content strategy and marketing in the EB space. My passion around storytelling takes many shapes, like helping brands tell their stories through the eyes of their best brand ambassadors–their employees–to storytelling through the visual arts. 

Away from work you can find me in my studio telling my own stories through paint, fabric, collage, and writing.


BA, Advertising
Pennsylvania State University

Industry Experience

Marriott International, Director, Employer Brand Content Marketing

Marriott International, Senior Manager, Employer Brand Strategy & Marketing

My First Paycheck

Working in customer service for a local bakery. I learned the freshest baked goods are always in the front of the display case–your server pulls from the back of the display closest to them (and so you’ll get the day-old baked goods unless you insist on getting the goods closest to you).

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