Erin DeGroot

Employer Brand Strategist
Green Bay, WI, USA
Erin is an employer brand strategist at exaqueo. Her career of more than 20 years has afforded her a variety of experiences in sales, market research, brand management, and employee communications at Fortune 500 companies and a top 50 market research firm. At exaqueo, she works with multiple clients at different stages of their employer brand journey. Her diverse experiences give her a unique perspective on what employees value most and how to build an atmosphere where they can thrive.
Get to Know Erin

My journey to employer brand was a winding one, but truly a collection of experiences that brought me to the place I am today. Throughout my career, interacting with employees at all levels of an organization helped me to consider what those employees valued - in their work and life.

What started as a personal pursuit of finding a company where I could not just work but thrive, turned into a passion to help others find the same. From my consumer marketing roots, I knew that authenticity and transparency were critical to building trust and attracting consumers. This philosophy also holds in the employer brand space. Conducting deep research to understand what is in the hearts and minds of employees builds the foundation of an authentic employer brand experience. When a company shares its story from a place of authenticity, potential candidates are better informed to decide whether a company is a fit for them and would be a place where they can thrive. Getting to the heart of what truly matters to employees and learning how a company can meet those needs drives my passion in the space.

I’m a wife and a working mom with two very active kids. My goal each day is to integrate my work and my life to own my balance, and I’m passionate about self-care and wellness.

Away from work, you can find me on a soccer or football field cheering on my favorite players, jogging with a podcast in my ears, or with a great book in one hand and coffee in the other.


BA, Business Administration + Management emphasis
University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Industry Experience

Schreiber Foods, Company Branding Manager

The Nielsen Company, Client Service Manager

Kraft Foods, Customer Category Manager

My First Paycheck

My very first job was as a cashier at my neighborhood Ben Franklin store. My “claim to fame” as an 18-year-old came when I worked in golf course maintenance at Black Wolf Run in Kohler, Wisconsin, and was asked to model for John Deere golf equipment.