Paige Morris

Accounting Manager
Charleston, SC USA
Paige is the Accounting contact for exaqueo and works closely with the talented exaqueo teams to ensure our clients are invoiced correctly and in a timely manner. She handles the day-to-day accounting needs and prepares the monthly financials.
Get to Know Paige

I started my working career in the food and beverage industry in fast food and then waitressing. I started college but wasn’t sure what career path I wanted to walk down so I took a summer off to work and that part time job turned into my first long term job of 5 years. During that time I went back to school for my chemistry degree. Life has a way of molding you into who you are meant to be and with several job changes, led me from chemistry, to customer service, to HR, and ultimately to accounting where I found my passion. While working, I earned my Bachelor’s in Accounting and have never looked back.  

In my spare time I enjoy bowling, the shooting range, and spending time with my family and friends. I also love home improvement projects and power tools. After all, power tools are the mortal equivalent to making me feel as invincible as Wonder Woman.

Definition of Success: Success is doing your very best. Everyone is going to make mistakes, have set backs, or things just not go as planned. But if you get back up, dust yourself off, and keep putting your best effort into everything you do, then, in my book, you are successful.


BS in Accounting

University of Phoenix

Associates in Chemistry

Trident Technical College

Industry Experience

Family Services, Inc - Accounting Manager

Risk Tech, LLC - Operations Manager

My First Paycheck

Burger King - I was excited they hired me since I was 14 at the time

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