We build, manage, and execute employer brands to attract and retain your best-fit talent from research to strategy to creative.

  • We gather the truths about your highest-performers, your employment experience and how they fit together.

  • We brand those truths showcasing the real opportunity for employment.

  • We build strategies to inform, educate, engage and empower candidates and employees around the value of the employment experience.

ABOUT Our Name

exaqueo (ex-ACK-we-o) comes from a Latin word, ex aequeo, which means “on equal footing.” Every organization comes to market with similar opportunities. It's how you define yourself and how you set your organization apart that makes all the difference.  We chose “exaqueo” as our name because we help our clients elevate that equal footing, find their uniquenesses, and set themselves apart. We're all on equal footing. It's what you do to elevate that counts.

How We Work

exaqueo is a virtual, flexible company. We're headquartered in Charleston, SC but our consultants work around the world. We get our work done when our clients need it, but we’re flexible on how, when, and where. This allows us to deliver great work with expert, practiced consultants that is more cost efficient.

Our Values + Work Rules

We Pride Ourselves on Differentiation.
Everything about our business and our work is about being unique. We don’t use cookie cutters or copy others’ work. Our work is always customized.

We Are Motivated by Efficiency …
Every day brings new responsibilities and commitments at work and at home. We’re motivated to do great work efficiently and rewarded for not wasting our clients’ time or our own.

… But We Take the Time Needed to Ensure Quality.
We pause before hitting send or speaking up. We ask for help when we need it. We take our work seriously and when working, we focus on work.

We Own Our Balance.
We are proactive about managing our time and are responsible enough to ask for help when we need and offer help when we have the time. We structure our schedules to be available for our clients and still balance life priorities when we need to.  

We’re Big Believers in Respectful Honesty.
We can’t deliver our best work unless we’re honest with each other and our clients. We actively request and share feedback every day. We’re honest about better options and cost savings.

We Seek to Understand.
When something goes wrong there’s a reason.  We work to listen and understand instead of placing blame. We take lessons learned seriously and look forward instead of back.

We Trust Each Other.
We love working in a flat, lean organization which means we have exceptional levels of trust in our colleagues to get work done. We don’t let our colleagues down. Ever.


We wear our passion for working on our sleeves. exaqueowear is a chance to celebrate the importance of embracing work no matter what you do for a living. Check out our fun line of work/life inspired gear.

Meet our CEO + founder and our team.