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In the Workplace, Powered by The Wharton School: CEO Susan LaMotte and exaqueo client, Kate Zimberg, director of human resources at T-Mobile US, discuss employer branding with hosts Dr. Peter Cappelli and Dan O’Meara.

How to talk about a past job you regret: In this Moneyish article, CEO Susan LaMotte shares her advice on how to talk about that regrettable job in interviews and on your resume.

Employee Engagement Depends on What Happens Outside the Office: In Harvard Business Review, Susan shares why companies need to think more broadly when it comes to understanding the workforce. This article also appeared in SmartBrief on Workforce.

To record your co-worker, or not to record?: In this article from NPR's Marketplace, CEO Susan LaMotte shares her thoughts on making recordings in the workplace.

Why Showcasing Employee Stories Is Good For Your Employer Brand: In this article from Forbes and Lars Schmidt, CEO Susan LaMotte explains "that an integral part of an employer brand is the stories you tell," and shares the digital storybook that exaqueo created, featuring employees, recognized by their employers for their commitment to giving back.

HR Issues: HR is Not Your Friend. Here's WhyCEO Susan LaMotte weighs in on longstanding problems in HR and the difficulties of driving systematic change in this Fortune piece.

5 HR tech trends to watch in 2018: What the sector says: In this article from Sage People, CEO Susan LaMotte comments on blockchain and AI, and provides advice on how to approach these trends.

The Recruiting Reel Episode 19: How To Empower Candidates During The Hiring Process: CEO Susan LaMotte is featured in this video series which discusses real recruiting challenges with prominent recruiting experts to provide you with actionable tips to apply to your own recruiting. 

Being Authentically You, Knowing the Culture Fit and Setting Your Business Apart: Our CEO is the featured guest on the awesome GSD podcast with Julie Weldon and Stacey Pierce.

HR Shouldn't Be Afraid of Honest Communication: Susan LaMotte weighs in with her thoughts on whether you wait out a social crisis or address it head on in HRExaminer.

10 Movers and Shakers: The future of work includes employer brand--our CEO Susan LaMotte is included in Catalant's list of 10 Movers and Shakers Shaping the Future of Work.

300 Women to Watch in HR Technology: included in this strong list of professionals from Recruiting Daily is our CEO, Susan LaMotte.

Fortune 500 graded "C' in Recruitment Marketing: exaqueo CEO Susan LaMotte is featured in this ERE article on the state of Fortune 500 recruitment marketing.

Stodgy Higher Education? Not So With Princeton's New Careers Site: Our work on Princeton University's employer brand and careers site is featured in ERE.

CEOs must take a stand on Donald Trump or pay the price: Our CEO Susan LaMotte comments in this Huffington Post on the importance of employee communications strategies in the wake of the President's recent immigration ban.

Tech companies may start expanding overseas: The recent immigration ban may drive tech companies to expand overseas. exaqueo CEO Susan LaMotte shares her take on NPR's Marketplace with Nancy Marshall-Genzer.

Record Growth at exaqueo Driving Staff Changes in 2017: Lexi Gordon promoted to COO and Kathleen O'Brien and Shannon Smedstad named Principal Employer Brand Strategists.

Top 17 Employer Brand Influencers: Our CEO, Susan LaMotte is featured as one of the top Employer Brand influencers in this feature from Clinch.

exaqueo Relocates Headquarters: Charleston Business Journal features news about the relocation of exaqueo headquarters to Charleston, SC. 

How Communications Tools Change the Workplace: On NPR's Marketplace, Susan, our CEO is interviewed about the importance of communication tools and changes in the workplace.

How to survive the trauma of an acquisition: Susan shares some great advice in this Financial Times piece.

Forget Mental Health Days, Me Time Comes to the Office: the Wall Street Journal features Susan's insights on branding PTO.

Rethinking EVP and Employer Brand: Reset Your Approach: Susan's new take on rethinking Employer Brand in LinkedIn.

The line between contractor and employee is a fuzzy oneexaqueo's CEO discusses this burgeoning issue on Marketplace on NPR.

The 1099 Economy is Booming: our CEO shares her take on what's behind it and what companies can learn in Forbes.

exaqueo and Groupbrand launch global partnership: exaqueo announced its new creative director and partnership.

Employer Branding: 16 Must Follow Leaders: Our CEO, Susan is featured in this list of the best Employer Brand experts and influencers for 2016.

How to Build a Company Where Culture Comes First: Susan is featured alongside other experts in this YEC piece.

Why Bezos 'Call Me Maybe' Strategy Won't WorkIn Forbes, Susan shares the challenges with the Amazon CEO's response to recent media coverage of their workplace challenges.

Amazon’s Brutal Workplace Risks Walmart-style PR disaster: In this New York Post piece, Susan's perspective is featured on the Amazon workplace complaints surfaced in a recent New York Times article.

The Employer Brand Verdict is In: Susan's perspective on employer brand strategy is included in this post on Reach West.

Don't Assume: Find Out Why: In this article in HRExaminer, Susan discusses why making assumptions in HR can be dangerous to your business and bottom line.

Talent Chat: Employer Brand: In this #TChat preview, Susan shares her take on employer brand and what we can all do better.

Employee Engagement Depends on What Happens Outside the Office: Susan's HBR piece was featured on The Conference Board blog.

The Unique Challenges of Being a Parent and an Entrepreneur: exaqueo is able to provide value because of its unique staffing and funding model created by Susan and team. In this Fast Company piece, she talks with other "parent-preneurs" about being a parent and an entrepreneur.

Five Work Perks That Are Also Traps: Susan adds to the perks conversation by sharing her take on "bringing your whole self" to work in Inc.

Autism Reveals Problems in How We Measure Success: Understanding the hidden strengths our children have may give us better insight into evaluating people at work. In Susan's piece in TIME she explores the strengths we may be ignoring in how we evaluate talent.

Where are the Women and Minority Leaders of HR? In Laurie Ruettimann's latest piece for Career Builder, Susan's perspective on the dearth of diversity in HR leadership ranks.

Want to Keep Your Employees and Co-Workers Happy? Say Thank You: Susan's latest piece in TIME shares how "Random Tweets of Kindess" and other initiatives can change the way we say thanks.

Exaqueo’s Susan LaMotte on the Importance of a Holistic Approach to Employee Engagement: BlackbookHR features exaqueo's perspective on looking at employee engagement differently. 

Employee Engagement 101: Does Your Culture Value Humans?: Susan's work is referenced in this piece from Forbes.

Stop Trying to Bribe Your Employees and Do This Instead: In Fast Company, Susan talks about exaqueo's unique Whole Self Model.

Entry-Level Job? It Gets Better. What Experts Say About Making the Most of a First Job: In The Wall Street Journal, Susan's expertise is featured as advice for millenials.

Creating a Corporate Culture That Works for Your Business: Listen to Susan's webinar with Glassdoor on how to rethink culture in the workplace.

15 Traits of a Terrible Leader: What are the leadership traits you shouldn't follow? Susan's advice is featured in this piece from Success Magazine.

Employees Hate Not Being Able to Help--And Companies Are to Blame: In her latest post in Forbes, Susan provides insight on why companies need to empower employees to help and not limit them.

Recruiters Matter in Quality of Hire: Susan takes on the role recruiters should play when it comes to hiring for quality in this piece from HR Examiner.

5 Things Recruiters Don't Normally Share with Job Seekers: Susan provides the inside scoop on the way recruiters think in this piece on Fox BusinessThis piece also appeared on RecruitDC, HireDailyThe Savvy Intern, The Startup Collective and TIME.

Management Decisions - Combatting Employee Disengagement: In this Job Network podcast, Susan provides a perspective on how employees become disengaged at work.

How to Leverage Boardroom Diversity for Greater Success: In Entrepreneur, Susan shares the importance of understanding generational differences as part of diversity.

Enough With the Stats About Women and Work: Susan's latest piece for Time explores the C-Suite's role in recruiting and retaining women. This piece was also featured in SmartBrief's Leadership newsletter.

Weighing in on Employee Engagement: Lexi shares her take on employee engagement in this interview with Bitrix24.

7 Questions That Will Get You Successful Product Feedback: Susan joins YEC-ers with her take on getting the right feedback in Women 2.0.

Job Seekers Aren't Stupid, So Start Being Honest With Them: In Susan's latest post on Forbes, she talks about getting real with job seekers.

Tips for Expanding Your Business in Another City: Susan weighs in with her advice in Black Enterprise.

Forget Millennials. Gen Xers Are the Future of Work: Susan's piece in Time ranked one of the 10 most read for the day.

9 Unorthodox Ways to Get Press for Your Launch: Susan's advice is included in this roundup of experts from Startup Collective.

How do you like them apples? 11 ways teachers have influenced successful entrepreneurs: Susan highlights Thomas Williams, her high school English and Poetry teacher in Upstart Business.

9 Startup Hires Who Might Prove Unexpectedly Valuable: Consider how an assistant can be your right hand teammate--Susan's perspective in this piece on ReadWrite.

Analyzing employees's emails and instant messages in pursuit of a better workplace: exaqueo's new Workforce Lab and partnership with RedOwl Analytics are profiled in The Washington PostThis was also featured in Technical.ly DC and in SmartBrief on Workforce.

8 Qualities Investors Want in a Founding Team: The ability to listen is the most important quality according to Susan in this Startup Collective article.

10 Tips for Navigating Family Life as an Entrepreneur: Susan's perspective is included in this article from Fox Business.

The 7 Frustrating Parts of Being an Entrepreneur: Susan's take ins included in this piece from Killer Startups.

The 10 Most Crucial Aspects of a Physical Office SpaceStartup Collective features Susan's advice on making office space a place you want to be. This was also featured in Killer Startups.

14 Surprising Ways Your Boss Can Change Your Career Forever: Susan chimes in with sound advice growing leaders can consider in The Muse.

10 Tips for Investing In Your Retirement: Entrepreneurs have to think about the future too! Susan shares her advice with Startup Collective.

11 Stubborn Myths About Company Culture: Think you can't hire to culture or that it's just a set of core values on the wall? Wrong. Susan shares her insight in Inc.

12 Ways to Identify Internal Talent: Susan's take is included in this piece from Startup Collective.

The Best Pieces of Advice a Mentor Will Ever Give You: Startup Collective includes Susan's advice on how mentors can help you take a breath, grow up and run your business.

Helping Companies With Their Talent and Culture Strategies: Founders Grid interviews exaqueo founder Susan LaMotte.

How Small Businesses Can Attract Top Talent: Build a Strong Employer Brand: Monster features Susan's expertise in the first post of this blog series.

People Not Positions: Why Your Culture Clash Could Be Costing You the A Players: Susan is one of two experts featured in this piece in Washington Smart CEO

From Apple to Zappos: Could Big Companies' Hiring Tactics Work for You?: In American Express' OPEN Forum, Susan shares her perspective on how and when to mimic what the bigger companies do.

If You Think Big Data is All About the Numbers, Think Again: Susan's post on HRExaminer features partner RedOwl Analytics

3 Secrets to Building Culture and Engagement That Lasts: Susan guest blogs in the SmartBrief Smart Blog on Leadership.

60 Seconds With....exaqueo's Susan LaMotte: from ElevationDC.  

Employer Brand Taglines: Do you Really Need One?: Susan shares her take in this Blogging4Jobs piece.

Five Recruitment Marketing Articles of the Week: Smashfly features Susan's post on "Talent Lessons We Can Learn From the NFL Draft."

Employment Strategy Is a Necessity: Susan Strayer LaMotte, Founder of Exaqueo and John Hall, CEO of Influence and Co.

As Firms Seek Minority Hires, Social Media Tool May Help: Forbes' George Anders shares Susan's advice on Entelo's new tool offering.

Best Advice on Using Branding and Compelling Visuals: Susan's tweets featured in this event roundup from brand and PR experts.

16 Values All Startup Employees Should Share: Susan's take? Communication can make or break your startup.

Want to Work for a Startup?: Susan shares her advice in this piece on Mashable.

Entrepreneurs’ tips for managing employees with different world views: SmartBlog on Leadership includes Susan's advice on management.

You're Building a Culture All Wrong: 5 Ways to Fix It: LinkedIn features Susan's post on getting company culture right.

9 Ways Startup CEOs Can Help Their Teams Avoid Burnout: Susan's advice included on how CEOs can lead their teams more effectively.

Should You Disclose Employee Salaries?: MonsterThinking includes Susan's advice on this controversial transparency tactic.

Talent Talk Radio: Listen to Susan and Influence and Co. CEO John Hall talk culture on the Talent Talk podcast.

The First Startup Hire: Susan's advice is included among fellow YEC members answering the question: "Who Should Your First Startup Hire Be?"

The Startup Road Warrior: Healthy Travel Tips for Entrepreneurs: Susan's guide to staying healthy appears in Tech Cocktail's National Edition.

The 50 Most Popular Recruiting Influencers on Twitter: Our founder, Susan, is featured in this list of influential industry professionals.

Employer Brand on a Budget: Susan shares her insight in this MonsterThinking piece for small businesses who want to brand but can't afford it.

How to Hire for a Startup: Learn the basics of hiring and insight on doing it right when you have no idea what you're doing. Featured in MonsterThinking.

New to Hiring? Here's What You Need To Know: Ilan Mochari features Susan's extensive insight in this Inc. article on recruiting and talent acquisition.

13 Offline Brand-Building Resources Every Entrepreneur Should Utilize: Susan's advice is featured in this piece from Alley Watch.

Memo to Leaders How to Give and Give Thanks: Susan shares advice on helping leaders choose holiday bonuses and gifts this holiday season in the HRExaminer.

Startup Employees Rockin' the Holiday Season: best practices (and discounts) from startup employees in Tech Cocktail.

Startups are Quick to Fire: Susan weighs in on why startups struggle with talent strategy in this Wall Street Journal article.

Beyond Secret Santa: Holiday Traditions That Build Teams: How can you build the right traditions? Susan's perspective is included in this article from Entrepreneur Magazine.

5 Ways Business Travelers are Ruining Business Travel: A very-frequent flier, Susan shares her perspective on the real issue with travel in Forbes.

3 Ways to Re-Engage Your Employees: Susan's perspective is included in this piece from Amy Choi at Entrepreneur Magazine.

Keep Your Promises and Other Must-Read Business Tips: This week's roundup of tips in Entrepreneur Magazine includes Susan's tip on handling difficult conversations.

Remove the "I" From Startup Recruiting: Susan's latest Tech Cocktail piece focuses on how startups are too focused on what they need from new hires.

Difficult Conversations: What Not to Say: Entrepreneur Magazine includes Susan's advice on making the conversation about the issue and not a personal attack.

Build Your Brand and Candidates Will Follow: Guidance on how to do this from Susan in this month's Talent Management Magazine.

13 Entrepreneurs Share Their Mentor’s Best Advice: Susan's advice is included with other entrepreneurs on some of the best things they've ever learned.

The Work Revolution Interview With Susan LaMotte: why Susan and exaqueo joined and believe in The Work Revolution movement.

The 3-5 Year Gap: Finding Talent With Actual Talent: Susan shares tips for startups on how to find experienced talent in a tough market in Tech Cocktail.

Stop Asking Me What's Next: Focusing on milestones and what's next can hinder living in the now, says Susan in her latest Forbes article.

When The Press Focuses on Your Personal Brand: Susan's advice is included on the branding challenges Marissa Mayer faces in Women 2.0.

4 Reasons Not to Confuse Perks With Culture: Susan points out the importance of aligning perks with culture in this piece on Ragan.

D.C. Consulting Firm exaqueo Adds to its Talent Pool: exaqueo's recent growth is featured in Elevation DC.

The Changing Face of Business in Las Vegas: exaqueo client Umba is featured in Susan's Forbes article on how entrepreneurship and startups are changing the business landscape in Las Vegas.  This article was also featured in the Chicago Tribune and the Las Vegas Herald.

17 Things The Boss Should Never Say: Susan's advice is included along with fellow members of the Young Entrepreneurs Council with a list of don'ts for leaders. exaqueo client Victory Marketing Agency's CEO Vinny Antonio is also featured.

Caring About Employees Isn't a Talent Strategy:  Susan shares the importance of pulling your culture through to your workforce in this piece on Tech Cocktail. This article was also featured as a story in SmartBrief on Leadership and ranked a top-5 story of the week on Tech Cocktail.

Tech Cocktail Contributor of the Month: Susan is named Tech Cocktail's Contributor of the Month for September, 2013.

You're Not As Good of a Manager as You Think:  On Tech Cocktail, Susan writes about leadership gaps we all have and how to address them. This article was also featured as the lead story in SmartBrief on Leadership.

5 Ways To Save on Your Hiring Strategy Now: On Tech Cocktail, Susan provides specific ways startups and high-growth businesses can rethink cost efficiencies in recruiting.

11 Best Ways to Provide Customer Service Through Social Media: On Agency Post, this includes Susan's advice on how to show customers you're taking their feedback seriously.

9 Can't Miss Methods for Getting Publicity:  On Tech Cocktail, this features Susan's advice along with fellow members of the Young Entrepreneurs Council.

How to Build Company Culture So You Can Build a Great Team: UberStories Monika Jansen interviews Susan on the basics of company culture and how to get started.

10 Important Aspects of Great Office Space: Susan's advice along with fellow members of the Young Entrepreneurs Council is featured in this piece reminding leaders to focus on values and culture when designing space.

Why Hiring the Best Can Make Your Startup Fail: Also on Tech Cocktail, a perspective on why hiring the best could be the worst thing you do. [Ranked a top story of the week on Tech Cocktail].

4 Ways to Find Better Startup Talent: On Tech Cocktail, Susan provides a primer on hiring better people for your startup or fast-growing company.

3 Steps to Negotiating a Startup Job Offer: On The Daily Muse, Susan shares the process for getting started at a startup

The Top 100 Most Social HR Experts: Susan named to The Huffington Post's list of Top 100 HR experts.

Face Time: exaqueo's client Building Excellent Schools shares with Human Resource Executive how Susan's strategy recommendations changed their process for the better.

Want to Work With a Startup?: Susan joins colleagues from YEC to share tips on getting a job with a start-up.

What if Women Don't Want It All?: Susan's latest post for Forbes highlights a new perspective on the debate around women in the workplace.

With Sequester in Effect Recruiters Notice Varied Impact on Hiring Strategies: The Washington Post's Sarah Halzack shares the perspective of area experts on the talent and hiring in the wake of the recent sequester. This article was also featured as the lead story in SmartBrief on Workforce.

At Last, the Job Market Shows Signs of RecoveryThe Wall Street Journal features Susan's advice on job searching during the recovery.

Expert Opinions on Work-at-Home PoliciesSmartBrief on Leadership features exaqueo as a virtual business and our founder Susan's perspective on making work-at-home actually work.

Ten Best Reasons to Be an Entrepreneur: Inc. features Susan's perspective on opportunity.

How NOT to Get a Job in 2013: Forbes features Susan's tongue-in-cheek take on job searching in the new year.

12 Essential Traits to Start-up Success: Learn what makes entrepreneurs successful in this piece from Inc. that includes Susan's wisdom.

13 Top Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs: Susan shares her favorite app on the go among other leading entrepreneurs on The Next Web.

How to Survive a Company Merger: In Dennis Nishi's Wall Street Journal article on making it through a merger, Susan shares the importance of understanding the reasons behind the acquisition.

Forget Work-Life Balance: Give Us Choices Instead: Workers care about flexibility more than anything else these days. Susan shares a new perspective for  Forbes and how one company, Stella & Dot has built a business on flexibility. This article was also featured in The Triple Dot Newsletter.

The Secret to Hiring Olympic Talent: Susan's included with other entrepreneurs sharing advice on start-up hiring for Startup Nation.

Why Your Brand Promise is Nothing Without Delivery: Susan blogs for Forbes on the importance of employees in brand delivery in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

RemarkableHire Interview: Susan talks about her role as advisor to start-up RemarkableHire: "Many in the recruiting space know Susan - who currently heads-up a consultancy called exaqueo - but if you don’t, she’s been around the block a few times and has a solid reputation."

Business Insider Australia: A perspective on women in HR and why the profession can't be dominated by just women anymore.

The YEC: Susan shares her perspective about how HR is so much more than hiring and firing.

12 Things to Consider When Deciding Where to Start-Up: Susan's advice is featured in a collection among other entrepreneurs.

How to Effectively Utilize Students For Your Business: Susan's thoughts included in this post from Fox Small Business.

Why Human Resources Isn't Just For Women Anymore: is Susan's perspective on the evolution and importance of HR in Forbes.

4 Tips to Staying Focused After Leaving the Corporate Scene shares Susan's experience on building a business the second time around. This article was also featured in Black Enterprise.

ForbesWomen features Susan's article: 4 Ways to Balance Freedom with Focus When Starting Up.

Ask the Entreprenuers--Susan shares her favorite entrepreneurial tool on LifeHack.

Susan's tips on how to be a better startup CEO were featured in MSN's Business on Main and the American Express Open Forum.

Susan's HRExaminer article on a salary negotiation gone wrong was featured in Monster's 5 for Friday.

Susan's article on investing in talent appears on Portfolio.com.

Marriott International named 2012 Best Employer Brand by ERE for operational year 2011 when Susan served as the company's employer brand leader.

Marriott International named the top "social media star" in human resources as part of Fortune's Top 100 companies to work for. Susan was responsible for launching Marriott's HR Social Media strategy including the social recruiting game, My Marriott Hotel.

Susan named to Unbridled Talent's Top 100 HR/Recruiting Professionals

Susan named to HR Examiner's List of Top 100 Influencers in HR and her recent work in social media gaming for talent acquisition was featured in dozens of publications including:

Past Sound Bytes:

SmartBrief on Hospitality and Travel: Susan sits down with Editor Angela Giroux Scheide to discuss hospitality jobs and talent.

The New York Times: Susan shares her best resume advice in a guest post.

BNET reporter Adriana Gardella: features Susan's perspective on ways that you can flunk a job interview.

The John Tesh Blog: includes Susan's advice on seven steps to take in your job search.

The Wall Street Journal's FINS Building Your Finance Network: on how to use your friends and family to build connections.

SmartBrief's SmartBlog on Workforce, Looking Back At the Year: on the price of missed connections.

Glamour Magazine, Print Edition: on how to use Twitter effectively for your job search or career management.

SmartBrief's SmartBlog on Workforce, Staying on the Sidelineson using social media for recruiting, including poll results and a link to Susan's list of companies recruiting on Twitter.

Washington Post on Bad Jobs Happening to Good People: on what to do when the company you have worked for has been accused of impropriety and you have to reference it on your resume or in an interview.

First 30 Days.com on Finding Your Dream Job: on interviewing for those ready to finally take the job searching plunge.

Workforce Week reporter Mark Schoeff reports on SHRM: the Society for Human Resource Management: on SHRM's crossroads in serving its members featuring Susan's insights.

Loyally Yours The Online Magazine for Alpha Delta Pi: features Susan's advice on how to make the right career decisions.

The Washington Post on Interviewing: Mary Ellen Slayter shares some of Susan's insights on interviewing for job seekers who think they've got it all down.

The Wall Street Journal's Career Journal on Recruiting Blogs: Sarah Needleman reports on a list of recruiting and job searching blogs that job seekers can use to get inside information.

The Baltimore Sun on Creating a First Class Resume: Hanah Cho reports on the keys to a resume that works.

The Today Show's Jean Chatzky: Jean interviews Susan on Oprah's XMRadio channel.