Social Recruiting: It's a Layering Game

I joined the Social Media Plus conference today to share my take on social recruiting. As I told the audience, I think most organizations are doing it all wrong. We're not taking advantage of the social in social.Being social, and having an effective social recruiting strategy isn't just about being on the tools, or using the right channels. It's about what you do on them. If you're just posting jobs, or pushing information, you're not being social--you're not engaging with your customers.

So how can you engage? Well, it's a conversation and a learning process that takes more than a blog post, more than a conference presentation (though I've shared my slides below).

But if I had to boil it down to a simple lesson, it's about layering. The more deeply you engage with your users, the deeper the relationship goes and the more time they spend engaging with you brand. Take Old Spice--most people know about their successful social media campaign. Peel away the results and the hype and you'll see it's about layers. It's the video which led to tweets from famous people which led to the video response and then another which led to the incredible virality and press.

Here's your 30-second lesson:

  • Don't just push information; engage with end-users
  • To engage effectively, layer your content
  • Then use those layers to go deep--you'll build a stronger relationship and more loyalty

And isn't that what it's all about? Ping me if you want to learn more. Or tell me I'm wrong in the comments.

Social Media Plus | November 2011

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