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Topics we often share our unique insight on include:

Why employee experience matters to the bottom line

The future of employer brand: beyond EVP to employer brand relationship

Research-based employer brands: why and how to do research

Candidate experience and service: understanding needs and ROI

The exaqueo Whole-Self Model: using data in and out of work to understand employees

Upcoming Events

ERE Webinar
TA in Tech: How to Go from Passenger to Pilot
April 18, 2024 | 2:00 PM EDT | 1 Hour
Susan LaMotte, Moderator

Tech talent acquisition leaders and practitioners: it’s time to shift gears and redefine our role from mere passengers to proactive drivers of organizational success.

Let’s steer the TA function towards a more impactful and strategic position. From understanding the role of strategic partners to practical strategies for implementation, join our industry experts as they explore the journey from transactional to transformational.

Key discussion points:
- What does it mean to transition from an order-taker to a strategic partner in TA?
- Practical approaches and tooling to elevate your TA function
- How to foster collaboration with company stakeholders and become an integral part of organizational decision-making
- Common hurdles and tactics to overcome them on the path to strategic partnership

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ADP's Women@Work Session
Gen Z in focus: A multigenerational chat with today's workers
May 2, 2024
Jazmyn Mijuskovic, Panelist

Generation Z has rapidly grown its workforce footprint in just four short years, accounting for more than a third of all hires and 16.8 percent of the total workforce.1 Join us for a riveting conversation about working with Gen Z, featuring Gen Z and members of multiple generations. You'll learn:

- How Gen Z prefers to work and views work
- The workplace preferences and perspectives of multiple generations
- Inclusive workplace and technology practices
- The similarities and differences between generations
- How to support all generations amid changing and diverse expectations

We'll explore the dichotomy of "back in my day" versus "today" and the unique challenges facing Gen Z, primarily Gen Z women, in the workforce.
Podcast: Kate Zimberg and Susan LaMotte on In the Workplace
Wharton Business Radio
"Thank you for your phenomenal presentation. You have outstanding stage presence and what you said really sunk in with attendees."
"Your presentation at DisruptHR was epic."
"Thanks again for serving as our keynote. You were stellar both in your presentation and the discussions."
"Thank you for sharing your story & the importance of being authentic and real. Left EBrandCon very inspired."

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