A Recipe for Pinterest

We've got some great stuff cooking over at Evviva Brands on Pinterest. Perhaps a recipe you hadn't thought of when using the popular social networking site. If you've been living under a rock, or convinced that you're too manly to learn what Pinterest actually is, it's an online pinboard that allows you to organize content by image in like groups. Blah blah blah....Much of the early press is about how women are using it as a scrapbook-type thing. Boards for fashion or cooking. So I can see how certain demographics think "no thanks." Ah, I love reviews at face value. But I love thinking ahead even more.

I'll share Evviva's thinking shortly, but in the meantime, let me whet your appetite with this: if you're meeting or learning about me for the first time, wouldn't you rather be inspired than bored? Wouldn't you rather a quick glance to see what we might have in common rather than a long profile?

Consider "Things About Me":


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