Start-Up Hiring From Day 1

My better half runs a start-up here in DC, so our dinner conversations revolve around what's new, what's growing and what's innovative. So when he first started talking about Study Hall, my ears perked up. With all my years in the corporate world, we always struggled with innovation. In large, conservative organizations I always found innovation to be a harder exercise, especially in finding new minds, and new brains (read: talent).Study Hall, a production of, is all about collaboration: "Study Hall is a collaborative co-working environment focused on enhancing community between its entrepreneurial members." So I was excited when decided to blow out the concept to a full day...a #DayofFosterly.

I'm joining the collaboration on the first panel of the day on how to hire right. It's an area of expertise for Exaqueo and a personal passion of mine. Start-ups often get VC funding, have an imperative for growth and then just start hiring the best talent they can. What's wrong with that? well, for starters, what best talent means to one organization is not the same for another.

Recently, a start-up came to me complaining that they had a great pool of talent. Problem--they all hated each other. The organization had hired for skill but hadn't focused on they type of culture they wanted to create and the qualities an employee would have to best thrive in that culture. You can't just hire someone who can ship code like nobody's business. You have to understand how they work, what they're working for and align that with your mission and vision.

Don't have a mission and vision? Not sure what defines your culture? Then you have to step back even further and get than aligned first. It really all starts with you and your co-founder(s). And that's what our panel is about--getting talent and culture right from day one. Join us and share your questions in advance below.


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