Live from #RecruitDC

Today @SourcerKelly, @clearedjobsnet and I (@SusanStrayer) will be tweeting live from #RecruitDC here at my second alma mater, The George Washington University. The agenda rocks--great proof that DC is home to both a terrible Congress AND fab recruiters. If you're here today, expect cameos from @CACIJobs' Larry Clifton, @BobCorlett and @Jessica_Lee. We've got @Vlastelica from Recruiting Toolbox leading our keynote too.Also making an appearance today is @ThisisLars. Lars Schmidt is the Director of Talent Acquisition for @NPR and is fresh off an appearance at the Recruiting Innovation Summit. What he's doing over at NPR is catching the eye of the recruiting world--not because he gets to hobnob with Steve Inskeep or listen to the Tiny Desk Concerts, but because he's doing it all with the resources and staff that come with working for public radio. (Take that corporate America.)

I caught up with Lars this morning to learn more about his presentation and his fancy outfit.

Tell me what you're covering today. What do #RecruitDC attendees have to look forward to?

"I'm talking about our talent strategy at NPR and how we've leveraged and incorporated social media to make up for a lack of recruiting resources."

You're seriously dressed up today. Are you posing as a defense contractor or did no one take you seriously at the Recruiting Innovation Summit?

"Every now and then you have to jazz it up. I had to dress up to the level of the awesomeness of RecruitDC."

In all seriousness--people love hearing your story at NPR. What's been your biggest success so far?

"I think the biggest success so far has been the #NPRLife branding hashtag campaign. It's an initiative that grew organically and it's been really fun to watch both the external and internal engagement. It helps people outside the organization see what our employees experience inside allowing them to share that experience."

And where do you still have to go? What's one area you're looking to grow in?

"Video is the next frontier for us. I have a series of NPRLife videos we are editing for our YouTube channel and I want to expand on that throughout the rest of the year. Video is an interesting medium for a company like NPR who historically has been audio. Video allows us to share experiences with our fans who grew up with our voices. And that's something that's pretty cool."

Here at #RecruitDC? Join Lars at 10:30 a.m. in Room 302.


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