Thursday Lunch Break: Mr. Rogers

Here at exaqueo, Thursdays often feel like the days we get the most s&#t done. They're packed call after another with barely any breathing time in between. And while I actually love feeling amazingly productive, that pace, all day long, isn't healthy. So when I do have five minutes to take a lunch break, I need something totally brainless. Enter #ThursdayLunchBreak. It's our way of sharing the lighthearted break we all need that usually ends up in some sort of #startuplife lesson anyway.Today's #ThursdayLunchBreak? Mr. Rogers. Remixed. I am not kidding.

Just mentioning his name makes me smile and calms things down. And while this totally cracked me up, there's also an awesome lesson at the end on reflection. As entrepreneurs we're all about action. There's a reason Amy Jo Martin introduced the #ReadySetPause--I love it. And Mr. Rogers is an awesome, old school reminder.

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