Thursday Lunch Break: Peggy Olson

So, what did you think of the Mad Men finale? Whether you loved or hated it, watching characters evolve on the show (or on any well-written show) is like watching your own kids grow up (or so I am assuming). But when I watched "Peggy Olson Grows Up," I had another thought too.What if we could watch our own evolution at work? Imagine all of your best and worst moments (including hair and clothing ladies) in the workplace on a highlights reel. We don't spend enough time looking backward. Instead, we're all about what's next. We're already talking about the last season of Mad Men before this one has even had a chance to cool down.

Take your lunch break and do a little reflection. See how far Peggy's come, and maybe pull out a few performance reviews of your own. Click below for the piece over on The Daily Beast.

Peggy Olson Grows Up
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