Talent and HR News Roundup: Recruiting and Hiring Edition

Talent and HR News Roundup: Recruiting and Hiring Edition

As the summer begins to wind down, recruiters prepare for the busiest month of the year: September. It's when companies tend to hire the most and you'd better be prepared. If you're a startup or high-growth company you'll be competing against the big corporate guns with the money to spend on recruiting and hiring -- and a bench of recruiters ready to pounce.This week's roundup will give you a leg-up with tips and tricks to get your startup recruiting-and-hiring house in order:

1) How to Maximize Recruiting with Twitter at Tech Cocktail:

"Give job seekers an inside look. If you want to recruit talented employees for your startup, you must offer something to attract job seekers. Instead of only posting job openings at your company, provide a sneak peek of what it’s like to work for your startup."

2) 3 Startup Hiring Lessons From 'Duck Dynasty' at Mashable:

"'We've struggled trying to meet demand. I've hired probably 40 people since the show came out, just trying to maintain that,' CEO Willie Robertson told Parade. The Duck Commander clan ran a lean operation until it made sense to scale hiring. Yet it was still important to hire people with the right skills to make the top-quality product consumers expected."

3) Job hunting site Collegefeed offers “Pandora-like” suggestions to help applicants discover new potential employers at PandoDaily:

"Collegefeed, a job hunting site founded by former Google head of product marketing Sanjeev Agrawal, has engineered a way to do that with its latest feature, a recommendation engine for companies. Since Collegefeed is focused primarily on recent college grads, they’re often unsure of where to start looking. Most college kids aren’t all that familiar with the landscape of American companies; they all want to work at Apple, Google or Facebook."

4) 16 Steps to Help You Give Job Applicants Helpful Feedback at TLNT:

"You can help eliminate some confusion and a great deal of anxiety on the part of applicants but providing an overview of your typical hiring process. For those applicants who are invited for interviews, more detailed information can be provided on the process, what you are looking for, who will be involved, and how long on average it should take (Blackberry does an excellent job in this area)."

* And don't forget our How to Hire For a Startup post from earlier this week:

"Recruiting? Well, sure, you can farm it out to an agency. But if talent is one of the most important ingredients to your growth, don’t you want to own the process (and save money)?"

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