Talent and HR News Roundup: Technology and Tools Edition

Talent and HR News Roundup: Technology and Tools Edition

When you make strategic recommendations for a living, it goes without saying that you have to know your technology and tools. The organizations relying on exaqueo for broad guidance also need help with execution. And that often means bringing in help in the form of technology and tools.What we're seeing in the market lately is a real trend in personalization -- HR and talent technologies that help startup and high-growth companies start to execute on HR and not just play pretend. This week, we've gathered a few sources to help pique your interest. And when you need our help, just shout.

1) What IT Recruiters Know About You at CIO:

"RemarkableHire uses what it calls 'social evidence' that people are knowledgeable in a particular skill by looking, among other things, for recognition by their peers and indications that they've provided the best answers to questions posted online. 'We look for signals within the content that someone has expertise in a particular skill,' says Rothrock. The company then provides skills proficiency ratings of one to four stars for each subject."

2) The Candidate Experience: The ROI of a Powerful Movement in Talent Acquisition at the Human Capital Institute:

"TalentCircles has been designed with the candidate experience in mind -- it's a people-centric engagement tool that empowers the recruiter to deliver on candidates’ expectations. Our holistic approach, a talent engagement platform, optimizes both the candidate’s and the recruiter’s experience."

3) What We're Up To: Bios And Jobs at Kin:

"Everyone has a story, and Kin’s bio pages gives your team a way to share theirs. Employees can provide their story, social networks, and personal links, and Kin will do the rest by providing contact information and a link to that team member’s job description. What’s nice is a user can quickly navigate through the entire company using the simple and quick navigation at the top of the page."

4) Social Performance Management: A Webinar from Teamly and Tibbr:

"Regular checkins between managers and their direct reports are a great way to provide continuous feedback, and means there won’t be any surprise when it comes time to do the annual review. But most companies don’t operate this way, preferring to leave everything to the end of the year and do a 'thorough' review instead."

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