Talent and HR News Roundup: Startup Leadership Edition

Talent and HR News Roundup: Startup Leadership Edition

A key part of growth for every startup and high-growth organization is talent. The people. That's how we make our living here at exaqueo. But sometimes the best examples are right in front of us -- growing startups every day.This week we've been paying attention to some of those leaders and pass along their lessons in growth, innovation and scalability to you. Here we pass along four stories and four different perspectives on startup leadership, growth and what to consider to get to your end game or end goal -- whatever that might be.

1) The Rise of Female Chief Operating Officers: Meet Jen Consalvo at Forbes

"Outside of corporate life, the challenges are different but still there. I see far more male-dominated startups, fewer female-led companies getting funded and lots of gender issues play out across the startup world. Because there are no corporate policies making it really clear not to offend people, startup world is a bit more like a school playground – and people get really stupid. It’s forced me to look honestly at my own behavior and attitudes and admit when I’m trying to fit in with the status quo versus speaking out to create change."

2) When Startups Pair With Big Corporations Everyone Wins at Fast Company

"Really, though, the ultimate benefit to partnering with corporations boils down to two words: exit strategy. Not every founder is looking to sell, of course. But if you are, cultivating a corporate partnership is a great way to start. Building a relationship with a corporation that respects the startup’s value proposition -- and receives benefit from it -- is a great way to plan a future acquisition, especially for serial entrepreneurs."

3) Startup to $850,000 in Under One Year at Under30CEO

"A year and a day before I spoke with Michael Mogill, Crisp Video Group was born. Only 366 days later, the company has grown to 8 employees and is projected to earn $850,000 in revenue for the year of 2013. Having success as an entrepreneur is nothing out of the ordinary for Mogill, who at the age of 12 launched a web design company out of his parents’ home. 'I’d have web design clients come to my house and my mom would let them in the front door.'"

4) Lauren Thorp of Umba on Taking Small Steps Toward Your Passion at TechCocktail

"For me the first step in becoming an entrepreneur was I had to get happy. And that meant quitting my job," says Lauren Thorp in this video on her startup leadership philosophy.

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