Talent and HR News Roundup: How to Be Better Edition

Ever have one of those weeks where you got some great feedback on how to be better from multiple people? They are rare, but fantastic. Most of us know what we're good at, but we're not always aware of how we can be better. And unfortunately one of those things most of us aren't good is giving developmental feedback. So this week, we've pulled together some really relevant pieces on how you can be better. You know, in case no one will tell you.1) The Best Kind of Entrepreneur to Be from Inc.

"Maybe you're afraid to start a business because you feel you could never compare to the brightest stars in the entrepreneurial firmament. Or maybe you shrink from the thought of having to work and sacrifice and struggle towards a goal you may never accomplish. Or maybe you think other people have some intangible entrepreneurial something--ideas, talent, drive, skills, creativity, etc.--you just don't have. If that's the way you think, you're wrong."

2) How Your Team Can Stay Nimble While Growing from OpenForum

"When your team is small, your biggest barriers tend to be external in nature: needing more funding, press or market traction. Internally, though, you can turn on a dime. Yet as you grow, keeping your team aligned and coordinated becomes increasingly challenging. The single best tool you have in keeping your growing team agile is building a culture of effective communication."

3) Dealing With Difficult Employees When You Don't Have the Time from exaqueo

"As founders or leaders, we’re always on the fly. I’m writing this blog post from an airport lounge! But that doesn’t mean I should text an employee if there’s a problem, or shoot off an email, hit send, and shut down the computer. Feedback has to be a two-way street real-time. A ten-minute phone call now will save you five emails later and an employee so frustrated, stewing about the feedback that he doesn’t focus for the rest of the day. Always direct, always in-person (or on the phone)–the only way to give feedback."

4) Staying Calm is Important from SmartBlogs

"Yelling, screaming and berating others is not acceptable behavior from a leader. If you have a tendency to “go off” on others, you set a bad example (people are watching you and copying your poor behavior) and make the objects of your rage feel terrible. Motivation is killed. More importantly, your employees will avoid and abandon you when you need them most to knuckle under and get the work done or to go the extra mile."


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