Talent and HR News Roundup: Understanding Candidates Edition

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Remember that Mel Gibson movie where he can foretell what women want? Imagine that power in the workplace. We think we know what job seekers want but we're never really sure. But understanding candidates might be the next best thing.We can't get supernatural powers in the blink of an eye, but we can pay attention to what candidates are learning. This week's roundup is a collection of stories to help you understand what candidates are reading and learning. It may give you the insight you need into your hiring strategy!

1) How Not To Reject Job Candidates at The Fast Track

"[Don't reject them] by phone. You might think that it’s polite to phone candidates to let them know they didn’t get the job, but resist that impulse and send an email instead. Phone calls put candidates on the spot: They have to react to the rejection while they’re still in the immediate moment of disappointment. It’s awkward. And the call often creates a moment of false hope, which then dissipates when the candidate has to pull it together to be gracious about disappointment seconds later. (Besides, email is better on your side too, since some candidates will try to argue your decision.)"

2) 5 Things You Should Look For in Your First Job at Brazen Careerist

"Early in your career, the most important thing you can do is gain as much experience as possible. Even if you secure a job in your desired field, you won’t be in the same position forever. To advance, it’s important to have a variety of experiences under your belt. Before you accept a position, consider what kinds of experience you’ll gain. If you’ll be working in publishing, for example, will you be working with the Adobe Creative Suite? Will you also be able to learn new skills such as website design or pagination? No matter what direction your career goes, it never hurts to have skills in multiple areas."

3) 5 Ways to Get More Out of LinkedIn at Time

"This is a great opportunity to let prospective employers see your crowning achievement or even an award you’ve won. It works with a wide range of formats including PDFs, Power Point Presentations, pictures and videos. However, it won’t generate an image of a website or blog. If you want to show that off, you can always take a screenshot of it and upload that."

4) Ten Recruiters Share How to Impress at Glassdoor

"Candidates are getting more and more creative with getting attention. I’ve been impressed with several candidates recently who have built infographics, videos and even full blown websites to convey their experience! I’m a sucker for creative people with an awesome design sense. But, this is not required to get the job. Not everybody has these skills and we always go for the best person for the job. As long as you are applying online and convey your experience, passion and goals clearly, you’ll have a fair shot at getting into the adidas Group."


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