Talent and HR News Roundup: Healthcare and the Shutdown Edition


Last week was a busy week here at exaqueo...we are bringing on new clients, putting the finishing touches on our Q3 newsletter (sign-up here) and working on some big plans for 2014. But we didn't want to end the week without our weekly roundup--so we're starting the new week with it instead! This week it's all healthcare. Sure, we're based in DC but we usually do a pretty good job of staying out of politics.This week you don't have to take sides, but it is important to understand what's going on and how it will affect you, your job, your business and your family.

1) 5 Things to Know Today About the Government Shutdown from USA Today

"The state of play: The new fiscal year starts Tuesday, Oct. 1, so a bill to fund the government must be passed by both chambers in Congress and signed by Obama by midnight tonight."

2) Health Care Law Online Signup Delayed For Small Businesses from The Huffington Post

"The administration said Thursday that small business owners who want to use insurance markets designed especially for them will have to wait until sometime in November before they can finish their sign-ups. They still can start shopping right away on Oct. 1. And even with the delay, they can get coverage for their employees by Jan. 1, when the law takes full effect."

3) As Some Companies Turn to Health Exchanges, G.E. Seeks a New Path from The New York Times

"“If we don’t take accountability ourselves for figuring this out, we’re part of the problem,” said Sue Siegel, a senior executive at G.E., who sees transformation of health care both as a business opportunity and a business necessity. “We have to be involved in the solution,” she said. “We can’t just wait for someone to tell us that it is going to be fixed.” What distinguishes the effort by G.E. is its direct focus on hospitals and doctors. Companies looking to the private exchanges are largely hoping to save money and want to be freed from the headache of administering health benefits."

4) Prices Set for New Health-Care Exchanges from The Wall Street Journal

"Costs will vary widely from state to state and for different types of consumers. Government subsidies will cut costs for some lower-income consumers. Across the country, the average premium for a 27-year-old nonsmoker, regardless of gender, will start at $163 a month for the lowest-cost "bronze" plan; $203 for the "silver" plan, which provides more benefits than bronze; and $240 for the more-comprehensive "gold" plan. But for some buyers, prices will rise from today's less-comprehensive policies. In Nashville, Tenn., a 27-year-old male nonsmoker could pay as little as $41 a month now for a bare-bones policy..."



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