Talent and HR News Roundup: Building Employee Relationships Edition

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Think about the people data your organization has: employee satisfaction, hiring metrics, performance reviews. What do all the data have in common? Work. All we know about the people we work with is about how, why and when they work.But to build better employee relationships, we need to get to know who our colleagues are.

Take leadership expert and author Mike Figliuolo's leadership maxim: He drinks 7UP. It's a reference to his days as a platoon leader and how getting to know even the simplest personal preference of one of his soldiers changed everything. If we take the time to get to know our employees' families, their internal selves (personal motivations) and external selves (what else they do outside of work), we can better understand who they are and drive better performance.

But don't just listen to me, this week we've rounded up stories and examples of how you can do just that.Perks for Employees and How Google Changed the Way We Work from the Independent Star

"Dan Cobley, the search giant’s UK managing director, told a conference of business leaders at the Albert Hall in London this week that Google’s meal-time lines are intentionally kept long, “because we know people will chat while they’re waiting. Chats become ideas, and ideas become projects.” Forward-thinking firms, Mr Cobley told his audience, ought to nurture “serendipitous interaction” between their staff."

Caterpillar offers numerous recreational activities for employees from the Journal Star

"Caterpillar Social Activities and Services (CSAS) makes sure it's not all work and no play at the world's manufacturing leader. In the last 10 years, participation in CSAS-sponsored events has grown from roughly 9,000 to approximately 25,000, said Scheffler, who acts as CSAS senior representative. That growth can be attributed to the steady addition of activities and events...."

Getting to Know Your Employees and What Motivates Them from Wiley Online

"Stepping back to look at the science of human behavior can give enormous insight into what really drives people to make choices and take action. However, in business and in the design of employee reward and recognition initiatives, too often companies fail to consider the people whose behavior they are seeking to influence. Companies must better understand their employees as individuals to effectively motivate and engage them."

3 Tips to Build Better Relationships With Your Employees from Harvard Business Review

"Relate whenever you can. View every interaction as an opportunity to get to know someone a little better. Make a habit of asking employees one question about their work or their personal lives each time you encounter them."



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