An Attitude of Gratitude: Thanking Your Employees

This week is all about gratitude for sure. Thanksgiving isn’t just a food-coma-inducing holiday. It’s a chance to think carefully about what you’re thankful for and to share that thanks.Being grateful isn’t as easy as sounds. Especially when it comes to thanking employees. Team members receive and appreciate gratitude in different ways and it’s important to learn how they liked to be thanked and what they appreciate most.

This week we’ve found some great insights on how to do just that. It’s important to realize everyone appreciates gratitude differently. And the more attention you pay, the more they’ll see the how genuine your gratitude really is. Who will you thank this week? And how will you do it?

1) Top 10 Easy, No or Low Cost Ways to Tell Employees “Thank You” from Leading With Trust

"Telling an employee “thank you” is one of the most simple and powerful ways to build trust, yet it doesn’t happen near enough in the workplace. Whenever I conduct trust workshops with clients and discuss the role that rewards and recognition play in building trust, I will ask participants to raise their hands if they feel like they receive too much praise or recognition on the job. No one has ever raised a hand!"

2) Speak Up, Say “Thank You”: The Art of Employee Feedback from Abacus NYC

“It’s only fitting during Thanksgiving, then, to emphasize the significance of saying “thank you” by delivering valuable feedback to employees. Many managerial professionals are at times guilty of providing inadequate feedback or none at all. Such essential communication may be absent for any number of reasons. Perhaps some managers initially offered ample praise, but subsequently grew all too accustomed to employees’ strong performance, and began keeping quiet.”

3) 10 Creative Ways to Thank Employees from The Palm Beach Post

"This is a week for giving thanks, something we usually think of in the context of our home and a gathering of family and friends around a traditional meal. But before you go off for that extra-long weekend, have you thought about how you might thank your employees this holiday season? Without them, you literally wouldn't have a company. Holiday bonuses are nice, and depending on your company's practices may be expected. But here are 10 non-cash perks that will let employees know you're thinking of them in a way a check can't."

4) Austal hits new milestone from Fox10 Mobile

"Austal USA managers are already getting employees in the mood for Thanksgiving. They handed out free turkeys this week. With hundreds of employees, that's a lot of turkeys. Austal USA President Craig Perciavalle said, "Total employment is at just over 4000, 4019, so, we're going to continue to grow a little bit through the end of the year, maybe around 4100 or so."

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