Why We're Joining The Work Revolution

I remember when I told my father I wasn't interested in becoming a corporate vice president. He was taken aback--climbing the corporate ladder and succeeding was one of his biggest successes. And it was big--for him. Success was measured in responsibility, power and titles. And there is nothing wrong with that. Plenty of workers still find value in hitting those milestones and rightly so.But change is afoot. It's not that we no longer value these things, it's that we have reevaluated the role work plays in our lives and for some of us the way we get value from work is different. Success may be one value, but we also value things like creativity, flexibility, patience and time. Now we have to make the case that companies need to offer these values just as much as they sell us their vision of success.

I recently joined The Work Revolution: a movement + campaign that advocates for human and meaningful work for all. Pioneers designing radically life-giving places to work. And that's what work should do. Give you energy--not sap it all away. Give you a reason for living, a reason to get up every day and contribute in a meaningful way.

The Work Revolution asked for my take on the movement and what matters to me and to exaqueo about work:

"Human behavior has changed and yet the way we work hasn’t changed with it. We all get value from work in different ways and if organizations don’t know and can’t adapt to different degrees of value, they’ll only find success from employees who conform to their prescribed work environments and behaviors."

Read more of my interview on The Work Revolution and join. Get onboard with the way work is evolving and figure out what you value. Then set about finding it.


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