Talent and HR News Weekly Roundup: Keeping Employees Productive

We all do it at work - check our personal email, make a doctor's appointment, or make dinner reservations. Though small interruptions, these personal matters distract from our work in a given day. These are acceptable, within reason, at most workplaces. Some say the flexibility to handle personal matters while at work make for a more productive day. Other workplaces strictly forbid it depending on the level of security required by IT. Regardless, there is always opportunity to motivate and energize your employees to be as productive as they can in a given day. This week's roundup is timed for the winter doldrums when employees are over the holiday hump and have only the summer to look forward to. Here are some ideas from a variety of sources on keeping employees productive.

1) Is Your Office Design Hurting or Helping Employee Productivity?  from Small Biz Viewpoints

"Is there any connection between how your office is furnished and employee productivity? If you look at the amenities provided by Google, Facebook and other innovative companies you could argue that creating right atmosphere and furnishing the office properly can encourage creativity and make your employees more productive. Creating a welcoming atmosphere in the office is just as important is it is in the home. Your employees feel more relaxed and at easy in this environment and can do their best work."

2) How to Make Monday as Productive as Tuesday from Fast Company

"According to Kimberly Stiener-Murphy, branch manager for Accountemps in Sacramento, the first thing holding back Monday's productivity is that many people tend to have a lot of meetings the first day of the week. Kicking off a project? People schedule a meeting on Monday morning. Trying to keep everyone on the same page? The Monday morning staff meeting is a fixture of life in many offices."

3) 3 Things You Can Do to Get Your Staff More Productive from Baiju Solanki

"What would be the impact on your business if your staff were operating at 100% capacity….well ok at least 80 %? On average staff who “do their job” work at between 50% and 60% capacity. There are essentially two mindsets of an employee. Mindset 1: Do what I need to, so I get the job done, without too much fuss and without being accused of not doing the work. Mindset 2: Not do just what I need to, but much much more because I love what I do and want to do and be the best I can."

4) Winter Blues - How to Keep Your Employees Motivates and Productive from HR 360

"We're discussing tips on keeping your employees feeling upbeat and productive, and how your workplace--and even the season of the year--can impact your employees in a positive or negative way."

5) 9 Entrepreneurs on Incentivizing Employees from Fox Business

"Compensation incentives for sales staff should be easy to understand and should be reviewed periodically to account for your business' growth, entrepreneurs say. Among their other tips are to create a leaderboard that shows off sales performance and to make sure employees are always rewarded for increased sales."

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