Local Career Development: RecruitDC

It's great to have recruiting, HR and business networking friends all over the country and world. But as any good HR/talent professional knows, if any or all of your work is local, you MUST be involved in the local community.

Take Washington, DC for example.  My hometown for the past 15+ years (sorry Philly, you'll always be my first), DC was just named as the most expensive city to live in. And this has major impact on recruiters and talent professionals everywhere from salary to COLAs to wooing talented candidates from less expensive markets.

Enter RecruitDC. I'm proud to be on the board of our area's largest recruiting and talent organization. We're an all volunteer organization led by an awesome team and our goal is just to bring the community together to talk talent and better our own local learning.

Our next conference was just announced--December 11, 2014--and tickets are on sale now! We always sell out, so if you're local, or even if you're not, we'd love to have you join our half-day talent-fest. Come Spring, we'll have our full-day conference with other events and meet-ups in between.

Not in DC? Check your local community to see if you have a local group there. There are strong groups in places like Minnesota and the Pacific Northwest for starters.  Other groups I'm missing? Let me know!

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