Welcome to Our Newest Team Member: Wendy Timmons

One of the benefits of working with exaqueo is access to expert consultants who didn't start out that way. Everyone on our team built their experience working in-house first.  So we understand what it's like to have to answer to internal stakeholders and balance competing interests, resources, and goals.

With that in mind, we're thrilled to welcome Wendy Timmons to our team. A seasoned HR leader, Wendy actually began her career in finance and has an MBA, so she speaks the language of business and results first. A seasoned HR leader, Wendy served in several HR leadership roles with GE in multiple locations from plants to HQ.  Her experience extends from both domestic and international assignments.

Most recently, Wendy worked with Nashville-based Asurion as the HR Leader for the Finance, Legal, Underwriting, and Business Development functions.

Wendy has a BS in Business Administration from Lander University with a concentration in Finance, and an International MBA from The University of South Carolina. She is certified Six Sigma and has a Master Black Belt in HR.

Wendy’s a native of Columbia, SC and currently lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and two children where she loves to cycle and practice yoga. 

Learn more about Wendy and the exaqueo team.

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