exaqueo Welcomes a New Research Director: Steve Breckler, Ph.D.

HR is full of assumptions and it's easy to understand why: we're employees too. So it's no wonder HR leaders often sit around boardroom tables making assumptions about who their employees are and what they want. Sure, we may have engagement data or anecdotal evidence from town hall meetings or hallway conversations. But do we really know the reality of the employment experience? And do we understand who our employees actually are?

While our colleagues in consumer brand and marketing regularly use the power of a robust and holistic data set to drive their decisions, we don't do the same in HR. And we should. You can't build an impactful employer brand or talent acquisition strategy without the right set of data. Engagement and pulse surveys are a start, but they don't tell you the full story about how employees think and feel, and they don't accurately reflect the whole of the employment experience.

And that's why I'm thrilled to welcome Steve Breckler, Ph.D. to the exaqueo team.  Steve will lead our growing research function, building on our groundbreaking research work for clients in employer brand and talent acquisition. He'll develop bespoke research approaches for clients to ensure the employer brand and talent acquisition strategies we develop drive results. 

Steve brings over three decades of experience in behavioral research and statistical consultation. He built his research expertise and scientific reputation as a professor at Johns Hopkins University.  He expanded his knowledge of psychology and social behavior as a program director at the U.S. National Science Foundation.  And he refined his management skills as an Executive Director at the American Psychological Association (APA). Among Steve’s accomplishments at APA was the creation of a new Center for Workforce Studies.

Steve is known internationally for his contributions to social psychology, behavioral research methods, and multivariate statistics.  He has published dozens of articles in leading scientific journals, and co-authored a college-level textbook in social psychology.

A native of Southern California, Steve now resides with his family in Baltimore, Maryland where he enjoys hiking, golfing, and Orioles baseball.  

Here at exaqueo, to say we're thrilled to have Steve on board is an understatement. We're out to change the way our clients understand their workforce. And Steve is an essential part of our mission.  Get to know Steve and learn more about him here.

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