The Top 4 Takeaways From Candidate Experience Day 2020

We had so much fun partnering with the Talent Board and talking all things #candidateexperience during the first-ever #CandExperienceDay2020 Twitter chat. In case you missed it, here are the top themes discussed during the chat.

1. Candidate experience encompasses all interactions between the candidate and an organization and is where the employee experience begins. It’s a personal, emotional, and human experience that should be centered around respect, honesty, and communication.

2. Communication and transparency are critical to preserving a positive candidate experience. Most employers could elevate the experience by simply improving communication with candidates at all stages of the candidate journey.

3. Candidates deserve to not only receive but also be asked for their feedback during the process. Gathering feedback from candidates can allow for improvements that will lead to a more positive experience.  “If someone puts in the work to apply, they deserve honest, timely feedback on the process and decision.” -@BirchF

4. Although technology can empower recruiting and improve the experience, it can’t be about adopting new tech just because it’s new. Customize and personalize your choices in technology based on your candidates and how they like to communicate. At the end of the day, it’s a balance between high-tech and high-touch. The importance is knowing the difference.

Looking for more? The team has curated a collection of some of the best resources and tips from the day to help you begin to reimagine the experience for your candidates.

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