Leaders Know Best Interview Series Pt. 2: Evolving Industries

The new year is quickly approaching so planning for 2023 is in full swing. During this time, uncovering what trends will be on the rise in the next year is top of mind for organizations. Although no one can predict the future (2020 taught us this) industry experts can make predictions based on years of experience, research, and learnings. 

Our Founder and CEO, Susan LaMotte, sat down with Christina Lock, Founder and CEO of Catch Talent, to discuss what they are seeing in their respective industries, what this means for 2023, and to answer the questions, “What are you looking forward to regarding where you want your industries to go? How are these industries evolving?” 

“Diversity, equity, and inclusion is really where we’re seeing a big shift and that’s exciting because when you have diversity of thought, diversity of background, you have a more creative and productive environment. I’m excited to see more focus on this. Every client we speak with is talking about DEI initiatives.” 

         Christina Lock, Founder and CEO of Catch Talent 

“Throughout the past 20 years, when we’ve talked about employment, we always talk about the control going back and forth. ‘What kind of job market are we in? Who has control?’ All of that is out the window now. It’s no longer about who has control. It is really about, ‘Who do you want to create relationships with? Who do you want to be a part of the family that you’re building and creating in your business? And how do you want to introduce them to that relationship?’” 

         Susan LaMotte, Founder and CEO of exaqueo 

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