In Her Shoes Interview Series Pt. 2: Women's History Month

Each year, the National Women's History Alliance selects a theme for Women's History Month. Announced earlier last year, the 2023 designated theme is "Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories." This theme not only recognizes women who have devoted their lives and talents to producing art and news, but also the women who have been active storytellers within their communities, lifting up, and highlighting the stories of other women. 

Continuing our interview series with Founder and CEO of exaqueo, Susan LaMotte, and Christina Lock, Founder and CEO of Catch Talent, we asked the question, “As two of the fastest growing companies in South Carolina, what changes need to happen to continue to empower women-owned and minority-owned businesses?” Amplifying the stories of these business owners was a clear answer. 

“There are a lot of organizations that do support that growth, because starting a business, you're kind of building the plane as you're flying it. So I think from a mentor standpoint, the associations that can really teach the fundamentals of growing and starting a business, that's another important aspect that we can all give back in that respect, whether it's time, money or mentorship. And a lot of those are available to individuals that are here in the community.” 

        Christina Lock, Founder and CEO of Catch Talent, on resources for women-owned and minority-owned businesses

“I have two young kids, and I look at the opportunities that may be afforded to my daughter versus my son. And I think it's really important that both of them, and I'm sure you feel this way about your kids too, see you as a leader and see you as stepping up locally, not only to grow your business and make an impact globally with your business, but also locally. As we build businesses, as women leaders, we're contributing, we're paying tax dollars. But we're also playing a role in our communities and our children's schools, showing them that women and minorities can step up and lead. I'd also love to see the media here, locally, begin to share those stories more broadly and also amplify some of those opportunities that do exist, but maybe folks don't know about them. And that's an important opportunity, I think, for all of us.” 

        Susan LaMotte, Founder and CEO of exaqueo on amplifying the stories of women-owned and minority-owned businesses playing a role in the local community

In line with this year’s Women's History Month theme, let’s celebrate the women business owners who are willing to share their stories and the women that amplify the stories of others. Let’s celebrate those that share the opportunities and resources available. And let’s celebrate the women that are stepping up and leading so that others can say, “Oh, if they can do it, I can do it too!” 

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